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Personal History

My Name is Mike Bishop, and I have been competitively racing for the last three years. My Favorite series to race is the North East Offroad-Championship Series,   I volunteer a lot of my time to help set up the tracks for the races, as well as volunteer my time during the races up until my "C" class race, and then even after that I assist with the Main event.  I love helping the up and coming youths, in fact I help in a program the NEOC has called "Tutor Time" which is a program that takes riders of all ages and experience, and we help them learn fundementals in a relaxed and comfortable setting.  .  

Outside of racing I am just a normal guy, I work hard to play on the weekends.  I work full time for the US Air Force out of Atlantic City.  I am an F-16 Weapons Mechanic, I load live bombs, missles, guns, and also maintain and repair these weapons systems when they break or fail.  I love my job and my country, it is an honor to serve, and at every race when we do the National Anthem and they thank out troops "for giving us the freedom to do this sport we all love" it really hits home and feels good.  I have served twice over seas in Iraq, it was a great experience now that I look back on it, at the time it kinda was the pits, but we had a job to do and it felt good to be doing something that makes a difference whether folks support the war or not, we had a job to do.  

I have more hobbies than I can financially afford, however racing dirtbikes has taken over the rest of the hobbies, and I am truly greatful to MXSponsor and those who support me because this sport as we know is not cheap, but if you really want to make something happen you can do it no matter what the cost.  So i appreciate all my sponsors so far and those upcoming, I will surely spread the word. 

Thanks for looking at my profile, and please sponsor me, I have a lot of exposure at NEOC races which court over 5,000 people per race, and im always right in the middle of the mix with my bike helping out when not racing.  More updates to come, thanks again.

-Mike Bishop

#177, 2013 KTM 200 XC-W

Riding Goals

Goal this 2012 season are already coming true, I got my first top ten this year.  My class averages about 35-45 riders per race, so the holeshot gets a little hairy sometimes!  But it feels good knowing I can consistently knock off 2/3rds of the people in my class and really battle up there with the competitors.  I have been logging a lot more practice hours and intend on keeping that pace going.  Looking to get a top 5 this season, and I am confident that will come within the next race our two, especially since Ive gotten the bike more and more dialed in each race.  Simple goals - attend as many races as possible, practice often, continute helping out by volunteering, and spreading the word about this awesome sport.

Competitive Highlights

Got my first top 10 this year.  Was running 5th the last race but I cracked my clutch cover on the last lap and DNFd, I was pretty upset but still encouraged by how good I was doing, so next race I am gonna be pushing hard.  Every race this year I have progressively gotten better and finished better, that was my main goal, show progress.  Besides that, not getting hurt was another goal, however Ive found it amazing at how hard you can fall and your addrenalin just picks you back up on that bike and keep trucking, lucking I havent done any major damage to myself yet.