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Rider Updates

Sep 17 2020

As I said in the last message i started doing youtube and want to promote brands through my videos!! My youtube is Maxspicer225. Check it out!!

Sep 17 2020

It has been a while since I have been on here! Well I took a year and half of riding and racing. I sold everything and took a well needed break. This march i went and bought a blown up 2013 RMZ250. After a month of trying to get it running my dad and i finally figured it out. I raced it at a local race at Wabash mx and finished 1st in open B and 3rd in 250b. I then practiced all around at tracks and decided i wanted something with more power. We sold the Suzuki and I bought 2015 YZF450. I absolutely love this bike and enjoy riding it! I started making youtube videos of my riding and just enjoying everything again!

Sep 19 2016

Wow, it has been over 3 years since my last update and I have now graduated into the big leagues.  Well, at least the local level.  I now have two Honda Crf 250r's and they are running great!  I have gone off the gate over a hundred times this year and I am finally starting to feel comfortable.  I love my bikes and we only have a few races left.  I am running 2nd and 3rd in the 250c class and open C.  My dad felt it necessary to start in the C  class to get some experience and besides, those are the largest classes in both districts in Michigan. 

Aug 26 2013

Well it's been a while since I have last posted.  2013 has been has been great and I have certainly progressed.  My bike has been running all summer on one rebuild and my dad is stoked!.  We picked up another bike so now we have two bikes again.  Anyway, going to finish strong and keep on building.  See you at the track1

Sep 27 2012

Well, it is the end of summer and it has been pretty good  overall.  I have been riding a lot and finally started racing last month.  It has been over a year and a half and I was certainly ready.  The only problem is that we have been having a lot of bike problems, but my dad is working hard to fix them and I will continue to practice and work hard.  

Jan 30 2012

We ended up at RamJam this weekend and everything was going well.  The bike is running amazing and I was getting into a groove.  Then all of the sudden, I see my dad arguing with another riders dad.  Apparently, the guy was trying to single out and lecture certain riders for not holding lines.  He got in my dads face and that was it.  Anyway, we rode one more moto and left.  That is the last time we will ride there.  Still had a great day of riding.  Looks like the sandbox soon!

Jan 9 2012

Spent the day at RamJam and it was a pretty good day.  My dad however was not happy with my coner speed and he made it abundantly clear.  Oh well, at least the bke was running great.  My dad just rebuilt it from top to bottom and I could tell how fresh it was.  It looks like we might be heading to the sandbox by the end of the month.  See you at the track!

Dec 30 2011

Got to Ramjam and started off pretty slow.  I layed all of 4 laps down and got arm pump so I pulled off.  It has been 3 weeks since we last rode, but oh well.  I started to feel really good and tried this sketchy step on, double and bit it hard!  I guess I didn't have the momentum to clear the double and my front tire clipped the landing and threw me over the bars into the face.  That sucked!  Then, the last moto of the day and my crank goes.  My dad said at least it didn't go while jumping.  Anyway, it wasn't such a bad day.  Looks like we might head up to the Sandbox next.  See you at the track!

Dec 5 2011

Well, It has been two weeks since I last rode and I felt it.  I rode at the infamous RamJam in Ohio and put in about 7 motos.  The layout was going the opposite direction and made for a little simpler run.  By the time the day was over, I was spent.  We'll probably head there one more time this month and then head up to the Sandbox in January for a couple of days.  See you soon!

Oct 31 2011

Well, what a season!  It all started in March when we deciced to move on to bigger and better things.  After careful consideration, out with the 60's and in with the 150's.  I have nerver looked backed since.  I love the bikes! and after many hours and many bouts with the learning curve, we end the season on many positive notes.  While the bikes gave us lots of issues to deal with, I have to look at the bright side and understand that it takes time to make adjustments and time to make new transitions.  My dad explains that we started at X and ended at Y which makes alot of sense.  We both worked real hard this year and feel that it was a great decision.  I have made great strides and my dad has a greater understanding of the bikes which will set us up for next year.  It looks like we will be making a couple of trips to the Sandbox and many to Ramjam.  My dad is still working on something really big and hopefully it will come together for 2012.  Anyway, it was a great year! and I will see you in 2012!

Oct 17 2011

We attended the yearly grass race practice on Saturday and the track was in excelent shape!  We had several problems with the bikes last weekend but my dad thinks he got it fixed.  I had three good motos and a decent fourth.  I was pretty tired by the fourth moto so I didn't push it too hard.  My dad wasn't happy but oh well.  Looks like RedBud on Sunday.  See you there. 

Oct 3 2011

Spent the day at Grattan MX and it was our first time wow, the jumps are huge and it was as greasy as anything I have ever ridden.  I had a blast and it was all for a good cause.  Looks like RedBud this Sunday, see you there!

Sep 5 2011

Haven't ridden RedBud all summer since I'm not racing, but I finally knocked out the ski slope and it was pretty easy.  I rode four good motos but I started to get a little tired towards that end.  The bike was running awesome and everything went great.  See you at the track!

Sep 4 2011

Well, it is labor day weekend and we really didn't do that much. I have been riding alot and improving in all facets of riding. Looks like it will be Redbud on Monday and I can't wait. Going to air out the skislope for the first time. Well, really the second. I tried on my sixty last year and almost bit it hard so my dad said wait till next year so here we are. See you at the track!

Aug 9 2011

Just checking in, we haven't done much but ride and ride, and ride. My progression is on target and I am starting to feel extremely comfortable on the 150R. We have been riding many tracks and will continue until the end of summer. It kinda of stinks not being able to race until I am 12, but I will certainly be ready. See you at the track!

Jun 17 2011

Well, haven't been doing much but riding. We have been to several tracks within the last month and have had some problems with the bike but we think we have it taken care of. We ended up buying a used 08 because my 09 has some issues so we decided not to buy another 09. I have been working hard and I feel comfortable on the 150. We are still working on corners and speed. RedBud is coming up in a couple of weeks so we are looking foward to that weekend. I will only ride on Thursday since I will not be able to race because of my age. See you at the track!

May 9 2011

Had an awesome weekend at BigAir in Newaygo Michigan. This was our first visit and wow!what a track. My dad told me to take it easy for the first moto and do not jump anything until I got a feel for the flow and conditions. It was a beautiful day and the track was perfect. By the second moto, I started to air out some jumps and by the third moto, I started to link everything together and was on my way. Looks like we will be returning soon and just going to practice a few times this week and then head to Dutch on Sunday for open ride. See at the track!

May 2 2011

Just practiced all weekend and had a great day at LogRoad. I finally have the bike dialed in and wow, what a difference! I rode 5 motos and the track was in incredible shape. My last moto was the hardest because I ended up battling two older riders on 85's for 4 laps and on lap 5 , I was getting ready to make the pass on both of them in the rythm section and I came in the corner too hot and dropped the bike. These are two riders that always had more speed than me on my 65. It is easier to go faster on this bike. I love this bike! Looks like more practice this week and I do not know where we are riding this weekend, maybe sunset. See you at the track!

Apr 25 2011

Rode RedBud on Saturday and wow was it slick! The first two motos where so difficult because my front end was hard to keep grounded. We are still trying to dial the suspension in but by the end of the day, it started to work. My dad wouldn't allow me to jump anything yet because I am still trying to get used to the bike. It is a bit heavier but I am getting used to the difference. I love the bike! We rode at a friends house on Sunday and I finally busted out some jumps and the bike handled great! Looks like Dutch, on Friday for practice and LogRoad on Sunday. See you at the track!

Apr 18 2011

Well, we got the bikes on Friday so we tried to get the bike sprung for my weight in time to ride but the rear shock spring didn't come in so we had to set the bike as soft as possible so I could ride on Sunday. The bike is awesome! The bike doesn't have the hard hit like the 85's so it is easier to ride. I rode all day on Sunday and had a blast. We are getting the bike set up on Monday so it will be easier to ride. Looks like Redbud on Saturday. See you there!

Apr 9 2011

Well, we finally made a decision to pack up the 65 and call it a season. We just ordered 2 new crf 150r's and are going to ride for the next year and a half to get adjusted to the new bike. I am so excited! I love riding four strokes. So the next time you see me off the gate will be in 2013! Of course I will be at all the open rides. See you at the track!

Apr 5 2011

Well, the first weekend of racing came and went with no complication except for the wind. On Saturday, we raced Logroad and I road really well. The mini turnout wasn't that great but I tried to challenge myself by taking the farthest gate pick to turn one to see if I could pull the holeshot. It didn't work the first moto because I got a bad jump, but the I nailed it in the second moto to sweep the outside for the holeshot. I ended up 1-1 for the day. On Sunday, we rode Redbuds season opener and the wind was insane. I tried a couple of the jumps but was blown off each time so I really worked on corners and speed. Turned out to be a great day nonetheless. Looks like Dutch this weekend. See you at the track!

Mar 23 2011

The weekend started at LogRoad for their season opener and the track was great! My speed was good and I felt like I had alot more in the tank. My dad said I looked awesome and the bike was running sweet. We rode again on sunday and I was really feeling loose. The weather wasn't as nice but we made the best of it. It looks like we will take a week off due to weather. See you at the track.

Feb 15 2011

Well, for the last several weeks, we have been trying to ride every weekend.  Recently, we have been spending most of our time at RamJam in Ohio.  It is the only place that is decent.  Anyway, I have been making the best of what we have and have really been trying to improve.  My indoor speed has improved and I am having fun.  It will only be a few weeks before outdoors so I will probably ride a few more times indoor and get ready for outdoors.  See you at the track!

Jan 31 2011

Started off the weekend in Andover Ohio and wasn't impressed at all. The facility was worn down and no organization.  The track was like riding on cement and the layout was bad.  The rythm section was off and not set up for minis.  My dad was not happy.  Anyway, we rode 7 motos then went back to our hotel.  We left early to head towards RamJam for a day and had a good time.  I roded 6 motos and called it a day.  Looks like another trip to the Sandbox and maybe another trip to Ramjam before outdoors.  See you at the track!

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