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Personal History

My name is Maxwell Spicer, I am 19 years-old and I hail from South Bend Indiana.  I feel that I was born to race motocross and someday I want to earn my pro license.  I started riding at the age of 3 and started racing at the age of 4.  My hobbies are of course, motocross, RC, video games and more important, exercise.  I have a smooth riding style and I do not let anyone intimidate me. 

Riding Goals

2016 is my first year on big bikes.  My dad bought me my first 2014 Honda crf 250r,  and we spent all winter testing and dialing the bike so, after 12 weeks of indoor riding, we got some good settings that helped with the transition to outdoors.  We decided to make 2016 a complete racing year.  By the end of the season, I have logged in over 52 races and have gone off the gate 104 times.  That is quite a schedule but it has certainly made me realize that all of the practice that I have logged in over the last 10 years has nothing to do with racing.  yeah, I know that practice is key, but you have to race in order to become a racer.  The practicing every week was getting boring and I was due for a change.  I have progressed a lot this year and will continue to work hard.  We are finally taking a few months off this winter and will start back up in January for some Arenacross.

Competitive Highlights

I have had many, but one stands out the most.  I was racing at one of the local tracks and it was towards the end of the outdoor season.  I was lined up against some fast Cobra riders and when the gate dropped, I got a great jump and got the holeshot pushing all of them wide.  I held on for a couple of laps until the clan made time in the straights.  I have the skill and speed to compete against the Cobras as long as I get good starts.  And more recently, I have gotten my starts down and have been pulling some good holeshots on my 65 against some older and more expericenced riders.