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Personal History

My name is Matthew Hovdenes and I’m 22 years old. I’m mailed and have 2 kids I’m currently employed in the United States Army. My dad road a lot when he was young and had to stop when he started having kids. All of the stories he told about his adventures inspired me to start. At 17 I had earned enough money to buy my first bike. My dad traveled a lot so I was forced to pretty much teach my self. Fast forward to the present. I have now been ridding for 5 years now, everything I know now has been self taught. I do hair scrambles every now and again but most of the time I just trail ride with my co-workers and friends. I’m stationed in Colorado so during the winter when it’s hard to hit some of the single track during winter we usually ride a local track in town. Several of the people I ride with I have either inspired to start riding again or have encouraged them to start and have taught them how to ride. My dad in 2019 bought  a bike to get back into riding because I was able to remind him with all the stories I was telling him of all the good times he had. Right now to help me with my knowledge of bikes I am always watching How to videos on YouTube and buying  project bikes to improve my knowledge and hopefully help me in the future.

Riding Goals

I still have to 2 years left in the military, but when I get out I plan to open a bike repair shop. I most likely will never become a professional rider but I do hope to become a well respected rider in the community. I do plan to attend as many races as the military will allow me right now and once I am out try to attend even more. 

Competitive Highlights

I have attended about 1 or 2 hair scrambles a year. Most of the time I am in the middle of the pack. I’m not a professional rider but I Always try to have a good attitude and have a good time, no matter what the outcome of the races is.