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Personal History

My family is the most important source of confidence and support in my dirt bike riding experience. My whole family rides, my dad, brother, my girlfriend and friends. Me and my brother are a racing team together (the Burns bros) I love to ride dirt bikes whenever possible. I have been riding dirt bikes since i was three. My dad started me off young knowing that the younger you start the better, which i believe is true. My very first words were "agoon agoon" (dirt bike noises)

Riding Goals

I have been raised up around the dirtbiking world. I ride because i love dirtbikes and I love going to the limit. In a few years I want to race as far and wide as possible. Our family goes to Hollister Hills CA very often. Hollister Hills is like my backyard track. I would like to start racing bigger race venues and actually would like to start racing arena cross!! 

Competitive Highlights

Within my years of racing i have won hundreds of trophies and came close to many championships. In 2012, we raced for RMP in salinas doing short track and tt. Me and My brother transitioned into motocross three years ago and have been full speed ahead!!(chaaaaarge!!) 2016 I won our local flatttack championship by a few points. My brother finished third in points that same year.