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Personal History

I have been riding/ racing since I was 3 years of age. Fast up and coming supermini and schoolboy rider before the economy crashed in 2007/2008. Tried turning pro on my own in 2010 and just could not afford it at 18 years old.  I have been focused on raising daughter and she has been all in on riding for the last 4-5 years so i figured it was time for me to get a bike again.  Started riding again in early 2020 and racing all of 2021.

Riding Goals

Goals for 2022 are to qualify for Loretta Lynn's in 250 pro-sport and 25+ A. Focus mainly on pro-am races so I can get my pro license and to keep having a blast riding / racing every year with my daughter.

Competitive Highlights

2005-2007 Team Green Support Rider

2007 Supermini & Schoolboy Buckeye Series Champion

5/30/2021 C.O.C.R. Buckeye Series-2nd o.a. 250A
6/20/2021 High Point National Amateur Day 5th o.a. 250 Allstar Class
7/11/2021 Chillitown Battle for Ohio State Championship Pro-Am: 8th o.a. in 250A & 19th o.a. in Open Pro-Sport (on my 250 2-stroke)
8/7/2021 East Fork Buckeye Series- 4th o.a. 250A
8/29/2021 Ironman National National Amateur Day/Indiana State Championship 5th o.a. 250 Allstar Class
9/11/2021 Chillitown MX Shootout/Buckeye Series-9th o.a. 250A
9/26/2021 Grears Buckeye Series- 3rd o.a. 250A