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Rider Updates

Oct 17 2021

Another “mud fest” at Broome Tioga. I swear it’s rained every weekend this summer. Track was awesome despite the weather. Took 1st in the first moto, even passed the 40 plus Experts who got had the first gate drop! Second moto, was leading again and misjudged a rhythm section…and I don’t recover as fast as I used to! Solid 3rd overall. Many thanks to my sponsors! Wouldn’t be possible without you! 

Oct 3 2021

Tried a new track this weekend! Thorn wood MX. Went for open practice on Saturday, not a bad track! Had some sand sections(haven’t ridden much sand) which was cool! Ended up taking the win in my class!! Overall was an exciting weekend! Many thanks to my sponsors! 

Sep 27 2021

Raced 2 classes on Sunday…almost back to back motos! Not bad for an old guy racing kids half my age!!  Pulled off a solid 8th and 10th. Many thanks to my sponsors! Lots of compliments on my O’Neal gear!! 

Sep 18 2021

First race at the famed Unadilla Track!! Started off with decent weather and then the rain came in! Made me remember the ‘87 des Nations mud fest!  Many thanks to my sponsors!