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Personal History

My name is Mason. I have currently been riding recreational for the last several years on my family's property and a couple tracks. Currently I am riding a 2011 kx85 and a 2024 tc125 I have been training on my 85 to get and understanding of how to do everything before I try it on a new bike. I also have been riding a track close to me and taking training lessons so I can understand how to do stuff more I try to talk to other riders to get help. Right now I am riding on a track about and hour away I can't get to it all the time but whne I can I go I try to get as much seat time in  around the house practicing going through ruts and and jumping.

Riding Goals

My goals for this year and this coming year are hopefully to be on my 125 racing full time istead of my 85 and 125. For right now tho I have been training on both bikes and Im hoping to learn how to get really good on both bikes right now I am just getting the hang of brake tapping but other then that im doing good. Another one of my goals is to place with in the top 5 of each of my races and if not top 5 then top 10. Some information on why I started riding is because my dad had got me into it when I was little I used to just ride around my fields and stuff until I got to the age I am now and then started to go to tracks. My passion for racing and riding has gotten much bigger and more competitive as I have gotten older I take my racing serious and push my hardest to the end and if I crash I get back up and keep racing.

Competitive Highlights

My accomplishments I have made this year riding so far is getting two thirds and a first place in my first three supermini races. some of my other accomplishments are getting better on my 125 I have had a lot of training on it and my 85 and im getting really good on it lately ive been averaging 6th to 8th in my races but im slowly getting back to my top places.