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Rider Updates

May 15 2019

We’re going to check on my KTM today. Fingers crossed that it might be done. If my bike is done, I think we’re going to go to Redbud MX for the 1st time! Pretty stoked about that for sure. 

May 10 2019

Looks like my bike won’t be ready for the races this weekend at Portland MX. I’m currently 2nd in the points by 1 point. I’m disappointed but there’s nothing I can do about it. My bike needed to be inspected. Parts needed to be ordered and shipped.  Neither process could have gone any faster. Hopefully I’ll come back strong at Big Air MX. Until then I’ll continue to train hard on my own track when I get my bike back.

May 9 2019

I just added Flo motorsports to my list of sponsors for the 2019 motocross season.

May 7 2019

Update from JP Speed Bumpworks: I need the following: 1 new front tire, a new top end, a whole suspension rebuild, new chain and sprockets, a new water pump shaft and rebuild, a new throttle tube and grips, grease the swing arm. All of that just to make it through this season. More work will need to be     done in the off season. It most likely will not be done for the weekend race. Sad about that, but it’s better than having a blowup. No time to use my sponsorships to get the parts here on time Unfortunately

May 7 2019

I’m the current points leader in the 2019 AMA District 14 motocross seasonal championship.

90 points total so far....

May 6 2019

Taking my bike in today for some much needed suspension work courtesy of JPSPEED in Holly, Mi. I should be up and running by the weekend. Looking forward to Portland MX....

May 6 2019

I got the hole shot both motos! I led the 1st race and crashed the third lap in. I ended up 4th in the first race. I led the 2nd moto and ended up with the win for my second 1st place finish for the year. My KTM WAS RUNNING STRONG TODAY! I’d like to thank my sponsors for helping me along the way. Every bit helps for sure. 

May 2 2019

My new Airtime Kickstarter arrived just in time for my race on Sunday at Bulldogs MX. After this race I may have to miss a race or two for some much needed maintenance to my bike. My KTM has taken a beating over the last year and being 10 years old now, it’s starting to show its age. My suspension is pretty tired and I could probably use a top end as well. None of these things are slowing me down, it just makes me sad knowing I may be down for a little while. I’m looking to get a newer bike after the season is over hopefully. I’ve got a long way to go before then

Apr 29 2019

I’m #1 in the points again for the 2019 AMA District 14 seasonal series motocross championship. We’ve got a long way to go, but it does feel good

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