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Rider Updates

Jun 16 2019

Yesterday I got third place overall at Battle Creek MX. Sad to say my KTM ran horrible yesterday. Backfiring, loss of power,  and bogging. We tried to figure out what it was for hours,  but never did get it right. We still don’t know what is wrong with it. It’s raining horribly. I will do my best today as I am still going to race. It will be sloppy for sure 

Jun 14 2019

We arrived at Battle Creek MX early for once. Last time we were here it snowed overnight. The track looks so good, it’s been groomed to perfection! The weather is perfect right now too. Hopefully the rain in the morning doesn’t ruin what they have created. Anyways, I came to race and get a much better finish than my first time here. I’m looking for the podium....

Jun 13 2019

My new kickstarter fromTusk arrived today. My dad/mechanic already has it installed and ready to go. I really wish it would stop raining. These tracks we go to every weekend are awesome, but not so much when they’ve had rain every single day up until race time. Regardless, we are headed to Battle Creek MX tomorrow for 2 days of fun. Forecast says there is a 50% chance of thunderstorms both days. 

Jun 11 2019

I just realized my new Airtime Kickstarter is broke and qmissing the bolt that holds it on. I only got 4 race weekends out of it. The thing I have learned about motocross is there is always the potential for something to break or end up missing no matter what steps you take to prevent it. So now we are waiting on Fed Ex to deliver yet another kickstart (this is #3) by Friday so we can go race at Battle Creek MX. On a better note, I am currently 2nd in the points standings in the AMA D14 motocross standings. That makes me happy and want to race some more! Schools out for the summer, so time to sharpen my skills for the track. 

Jun 9 2019

Day #2 at Big Air MX. The rain made it a little slick. I came out of the gate charging and got the holeshot first moto. I held everyone off to take the win. On a side note, a fellow racing buddy went down hard in practice and that really sucked. Sending prayers his way for a speedy recovery. The rain came heavy before the second moto and made the track a mess. We ran 2 laps. I held all the other riders off to take the checkers again. I go 1 &1 for the day for 1st overall. What a great race weekend with family and friends. I’d like to thank GOD first, mom & dad, all my current sponsors. I hope I am making you all proud. 

Going all out....Mason Lee Nitz #161

Jun 8 2019

Second moto of the day at Big Air MX I get the holeshot again! I crashed early in the second corner, there was a huge rock exposed after the intermission grooming. I came back from last place to finish 3rd and ended up 2nd overall for the day. I can’t complain, I accomplished what I came here to do and tomorrow is another day. Big rain expected in the morning. Today’s weather was picture perfect. 

Jun 8 2019

First morning moto at Big Air MX. I got the holeshot and was in 2nd place. 2 kids went done really hard. They red flagged the race and we re-started. I got the holeshot again. I ended up taking 2nd again. My KTM IS RUNNING STRONG! Looking for the holeshot again in my 2nd moto and I’m looking for the win as well. Go big or go home right?

Jun 7 2019

It was the last day of school today! We got a late start, but we are at Big Air MX. We picked a prime spot by the gates for the RV. It’s way past race bedtime and I’m excited to race. I’ve got a strategy for tomorrow’s motos, pin it to win it! Big Air is the very first track I ever raced at last year. It’s been awhile and it feels good to be back. I’m lookin for a podium finish and a boost in my AMA D14 points standings. 

Jun 6 2019

My new Magura clutch arrived from Texas today. My dad put it on, bled it out, I tested it, and I am ready to rock! I rode the parts of my track that weren’t flooded for about 25 minutes. We are going to Big Air MX in Newaygo, Michigan this weekend. I haven’t been there since last year and I’m hoping to do well. I’m just thankful to be able to race again, it’s been a long week without some braaap.....

Jun 5 2019

I’d like to thank HAAN wheels so much for their support during this 2019 motocross season. 

Jun 2 2019

Well, I crashed hard at Baja Acres on a tabletop there. I was riding well and having fun up until then. My knee is bruised pretty good. I broke the clutch perch on my KTM as well. I’m sore and more than a little unhappy at the moment. The perch is about $260 and my parents are paying extra for it to be here by Friday so I can race. I didn’t see any of this coming, hopefully everything works itself out and we’ll be at Big Air MX by the weekend. 

Jun 2 2019

All packed up and heading to Baja Acres in Millington, Michigan for practice. Baja isn’t in District 14, but I have raced there. It was the first track I rode on when I was just 4 years old. My family has been riding there for about 25 years. 

Jun 1 2019

They cancelled the 2nd day of racing at Grattan MX. There is just too much rain to contend with.  I’m disappointed beacause I came to ride. There’s a lot of work that goes into getting ready to race for the weekend. Not being able to do it because of the weather really stinks. Oh well, what can you do? I’m going to try to end on a positive and go to Baja Acres here in Millington and get a good practice in for the week. My personal track is beyond flooded, I don’t know when I’ll be able to ride on it again. 

Jun 1 2019

It rained Friday night hard so the track was plenty sloppy this morning. I was in 2nd place and gained the lead right before the white flag. I high sided a berm and stalled. I got back on my bike and cleared a big double and my rear tire slid out. Frustrating to say the least. I ended up with 3rd for the day. It started raining hard and then lightning so they cancelled the 2nd moto. No chance to redeem myself today, maybe tomorrow. My KTM ran great today! I’d like to thank all my sponsors as well. 

May 30 2019

I have my KTM all cleaned up and ready to go.  Got some MX supplies from Rocky’s Great Outdoors in Burton, Michigan. Rocky’s is 1 of my favorite local go to shops for anything motocross. My family has been doing business there for over 35 years. We got food supplies for the RV and washed the MX trailer. Grattan MX here we come...

May 29 2019

We got home from Valley MX to find out we got almost 5” of rain! My track is flooded and there’s no place I can practice for the week. A little disappointed, I haven’t been to Grattan MX in a year and I wanted to be extra prepared this week. Nothing we can do about that except race hard when we get there. 

May 29 2019

I’m currently tied for 3rd place in the 2019 AMA District 14 motocross points standings. Going to try and improve my record this weekend at Grattan MX in Belding, Michigan. 

May 27 2019

Had a great time at Valley MX. I’d like to thank my sponsors and the opportunity MX Sponsor has given me. I’d like to thank my competitors in the AMA District 14 85 beginner class. I’ve made 4 new friends along the way and it was awesome to ride with and against you all. In 3 days I took 2nd, 3rd, and 5th overall. Hard work and training pays off! Thanks mom & dad for making it possible every weekend. I give the glory to GOD!

May 26 2019

The competition was fierce today at Valley MX in Stanton, MI. All the top points leaders in my class and the fastest guys were here today. I got 2nd in both motos and 2nd overall for the day. The 2nd moto was a battle all the way to the end, with me clinching it by a bike length at the finish.  I had a blast today. No real mistakes and I was confident and determined. My KTM was running strong! I hope to keep the momentum going for the last day of racing tomorrow. Glory to GOD & mom and dad!

May 25 2019

It rained nearly 2” overnight at Valley MX in Stanton. Track conditions were less than desirable and difficult to maneuver. I got the holeshot in both motos and got a 3rd place finish and a 2nd for a third place  overall. It was a good day. Glad I got to race. The weather scared a lot of people off, but we pulled it off. I like to thank my sponsors for their effort in this win. 

May 22 2019

I’d like to thank Lucas Legion for sponsoring me for the 2019 motocross season. It’s greatly appreciated!

May 22 2019

I practiced for a while on my own track last night.  I’m getting ready for 3 days of racing at Valley MX in Stanton, Mi this weekend. I feel good and confident in my bike and abilities. 

May 20 2019

We’re planning on going to Valley MX in Stanton, Michigan over Memorial Day weekend. I like that track a lot. I’m looking forward to it. 

May 18 2019

We got to Redbud MX around midnight. First moto of the day I got the holeshot and ended up in 2nd place. Second moto, I got the holeshot and ended up taking the checkers. So I walk away with 1st overall for today. My first time here and It feels great, I rode hard. I’d like to thank GOD, my mom & dad and all my sponsors including JP SPEED. My KTM delivered. 

May 16 2019

My KTM is all ready to go. $760 worth of parts and some excellent work courtesy of JP SPEED in Holly, Michigan. We leave for Redbud MX tomorrow afternoon. Super excited!

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