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Rider Updates

Sep 4 2019

I trained hard at my own track tonight. I worked on cornering and my starts. My dad and I adjusted a few things on my bike and it was running too notch. I LOVE my 2019 KTM! We switched to pre-mix VP Racing gas and did a carb adjustment. My bike is fast. I’m hoping to take a podium at RedBud and I’m training hard to do so. Let’s go!

Sep 2 2019

Just like I had planned it, I got the hole shot for both motos at Monday’s races at Valley MX and ended going 1-1 for 1st overall. My first win since being injured and it feels great. What a great 3 days of racing. I’d like to thank GOD and my family for making it all possible. I’d like to thank my current sponsors as well. Now we train and focus for next weekend at RedBud!

Sep 1 2019

I ended up 2nd overall for Saturday’s races and today(Sunday) I got the hole shot both motos and ended up 2nd overall for the day. There have been a lot more riders in my class this weekend which is nice. It’s nice to meet and race against new faces. Tomorrow I’m going to change my riding strategy a bit and go for the win both motos!!!

Aug 31 2019

We arrived at Valley MX early so I could practice Friday. I got a lot of laps in. I got the hole shot for the 1st moto of the day. I ended up 2nd place. I’m gonna try to get the hole shot in the second race and stay in the lead. Braaap!

Aug 28 2019

Practiced hard at my personal track tonight. I worked cornering and ended up crashing in a corner, go figure. Anyway, I got my KTM all tuned up and ready for 3 days of racing at Valley MX over the holiday. We are going to leave early and hit a practice day at Valley before the races. I hope to gain an edge by doing this. I’m not back 100% yet. My body will take a while to get used to riding after 8 weeks off and no spleen. I’m giving it everything I’ve got!

Aug 25 2019

We arrived at Cadillac MX earlier than normal and got a great spot for the RV. The first moto on Sunday I didn’t get a very good holeshot and ended up 4th. The 2nd moto I got a great hole shot, but I was tired and sore from the day before. I held off 3rd and 4th position riders for a full lap. I ended up 4th overall. I rode a 20 minute money moto Saturday and that pretty much took everything I had. I am happy with my results and the whole race weekend. We had perfect weather both days. It’s the 1st day of school for me tomorrow(6th grade) I’m looking forward to 3 days of racing at Valley MX in Stanton, MI over Labor Day weekend. I plan on riding on my personal track for at least 4 days to get prepared.   

Aug 24 2019

I went 2 & 2 at Grattan MX today. I was happy to be here. It was more work than usual after such a long time away for sure. I’m happy with my results though. I only practiced at my home track for about 20 minutes. That’s not much after 2 months off. We’re headed to Cadillac MX for the state championship races on Sunday. Let’s go!

Aug 23 2019

 So after a long absence I’m back. We’re here at Grattan MX in Belding, Michigan. This is the track I crashed at about 2 months ago. Under doctors order I had a pretty uneventful summer. I’ve been cleared to race and I’m anxious to get back on the track. I haven’t had any time to practice for this race weekend, but there’s nothing I can do about that. On a big positive note, I have been chosen by Seven MX for a sponsorship this 2019 race season! I love Seven gear and it’s an honor to be part of their team. I’m going to race tomorrow and then we are off to Cadillac MX for the state championship race. I’m excited to for tomorrow’s race. Time to get some rest and give it my best. 

Jul 27 2019

I’m currently in physical therapy after my crash. I’m making progress, but it is slow. I hope to be back on my bike in September? It depends on what the doctors say. I really miss riding. I wish all my fellow riders a safe and fun riding summer!

Jul 7 2019

I’m home from the hospital. Doctors say no strenuous activity for 6 weeks, so no MX racing for me. I’m pretty disappointed. This is definitely the worst injury I’ve ever had and hopefully the last. I got my bike out today and washed it. My dad started it up. It kills me not being able to ride. I’ll try to remain positive and wait until I can make my comeback. I’m hoping to make the end of the season and at least finish in the top 10 in points for the year. 

Jul 1 2019

Mason got 3rd first moto of the day Sunday at Grattan MX. Unfortunately, he crashed hard the 2nd moto of the day and DNF. I am Mason’s dad and I am writing this update for him. Mason is in the hospital right now with damage to his spleen and left kidney. The doctors are monitoring daily. We appreciate all thoughts and prayers at this time. He will have a long ride to recovery and miss a lot of the 2019 season. Anything can happen in MX at any time. His mom and I are thankful he’s not hurt any worse. Parents hold your children tight before every moto. GOD IS GREAT

Jun 29 2019

I found my stride today in the 2nd moto at Grattan MX. I finished 1st and took first overall for the day. It feels good. Hard work and determination paid off again. I’ll  be resting up tonight, tomorrow is the Michigan State Championship series race here. I coming off 4 first place finishes in a row, I hope to make it 5!

Jun 29 2019

First moto of the day I came second place 1 second behind the leader. I’m going to pick a difffent gate for moto #2 and go for the win....

Jun 29 2019

We’re at Grattan MX in Belding, Michigan. Great weather and two days of racing to be had. Sunday will be the second leg of the Michigan state championship series. There is a lot of people here today. We have my Works Connection pro launch holeshot button installed and we’re using VP Racing’s T2 pre-mix race fuel in my bike as well. Practice went well, my new KTM is running strong. I just need to do my part and get the win!

Jun 25 2019

I am officially the AMA D14 seasonal series points leader and the Michigan State Championship series points leader as well. My dad and I worked on getting my suspension fine tuned tonight. I practiced on our track for quite a while as well. We will put a holeshot device on the new KTM tomorrow night. I didn’t use one at Michigan Mafia, it may change some things for Grattan....

Jun 25 2019

My dad pumped the water off our track for 3 hours so I could ride last night. It was a little wet, but it felt good to practice on my new KTM. We will tweak my suspension tonight a little more for the races this weekend in Grattan. Another state championship race on Sunday, can’t wait!

Jun 25 2019

I’d like to say that no matter how many times we’ve tried, we can’t get any of my race or practice videos to post on the MX Sponsor site. I have plenty of them and we’ve tried every way we know how to get them on this site. We even contacted MX Sponsor for help posting them and never received a reply. I will still post pics and rider updates as well as race results. I just wish we could get the videos to upload and play.  I’m trying to build my profile and this doesn’t help. 

Jun 24 2019

I’d like to personally thank PH3 Photography for providing some incredible race pics for all the riders and myself. It’s nice to support local and give credit where credit is due. They do a fantastic job and have been a great help in promoting the sport. 

Jun 23 2019

I did what I said I was going to today and I left it all out on the track. I went 1st overall both days at Michigan Mafia MX. What a great 2 days of racing and what perfect weather for it. I’m looking forward to next week at Grattan MX. I made some mistakes there last time. I plan on running a better race this time. There’s work to be done and fun to be had!

Jun 23 2019

Day #2 at Michigan Mafia MX in Brown City, Michigan. Yesterday I ended up 1st overall in my class. It was a hard fought battle for 1st in the 2nd moto of the day, but I secured the win on the last lap. Today I’m looking for the same results as yesterday. I should be ahead in the points standings going into today by 8. I’m hoping to become the new AMA D14 series points leader after today. My brand new KTM 85 is running excellent. I’d like to thank GOD, my parents, and all my sponsors for getting me here and helping me in my quest. 

Jun 21 2019

Michigan Mafia MX located in Brown City the morning! My dad, grandpa, and me got my suspension dialed in on my new bike. We changed the plug and bought some race gas. We’re going to drive in early instead of taking the RV. It’s about a 40 minute drive, so up early for us all. I’m excited to race my new KTM. I’m only 14 points behind the series leader, I am looking to close that gap this weekend. 

Jun 20 2019

We’re at Legue Graphics in Frankenmuth, Michigan getting a brand new, sick design for my bike. I think Legue is the best around and they do a fantastic job. 

Jun 18 2019

I’m happy to announce that I am the very proud owner and rider of a brand new 2019 KTM 85! My dad and I picked it up from Linwood cycle today. I already put half a tank of gas through her around my track tonight. Tomorrow we’ll adjust all the controls and set the sag. I love it!

Jun 18 2019

My dad decided not to take my bike to JP Speed yesterday. Instead, my dad and I went to our  closest KTM dealer. I picked out the only 2019 85 SX on their floor. So now a new bike is in my future hopefully. I should know later today if I’m a new KTM owner!

Jun 16 2019

It rained through the night and into the morning. The 1st race was slightly delayed. The track was destroyed by race time. I stayed on my bike when a lot of others went down to take a 1st in my first moto. The second moto I got 2nd. My bike was running terrible, but I raced it anyway and my persistence paid off. I win 1st place overall in the Michigan State Championship series for the 85 beginner class. It feels good and it was not easy. Hopefully we can figure out what is wrong with my bike. I have Michigan Mafia MX coming up, I’d hate to miss another race....Giving thanks to GOD, my family, and my sponsors!

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