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Rider Updates

Mar 26 2020

So COVID-19 has put a squash on my riding season for now. I have been training at my house and 2 other nearby tracks however. We were supposed to go to Georgia Practice Facility this week and work with a trainer but our state is basically shutdown. Better safe than the alternative. I’m just going to stay focused, be positive,  and do what I can to be ready for the season if it returns. 

Mar 7 2020

I’m in Orlando training for the upcoming season in Michigan. We went to Pax Trax MX in Bunnell, FL and Orlando MX for 2 days. I had a great time at both tracks. My KTM ran great, it felt good to be back on my machine. The 1st regional qualifier for Loretta’s in Michigan takes place the first weekend of April. I hope to be as ready as possible. Not a lot of time. Definitely not riding in Michigan. That’s alright, I’ll be bringing it anyway!

Feb 17 2020

I just got my KTM back from JP Speed here in Michigan. We did a total suspension rebuild for the 2020 season. We are planning to go to Florida and Georgia to do some riding real soon. I will take some lessons at Georgia Practice Facility and hit a few tracks in Florida as well. I’m pretty excited for the upcoming season. This will probably be my last year on an 85. I think we’ll be shopping for a new KTM in 2021. We’ll see. I got invited to Daytona this year from my sponsorship through Dunlop, what an honor! 

Jan 21 2020

My family and I went to the year end awards banquet at Soaring Eagle in Mt. Pleasant, Mi. I ended up 2nd overall in both the Michigan State Championship series and the AMA District 14 Seasonal series. It was a great year of racing. We are going to go to Georgia Practice Facility over spring break for some training and pre-season riding. I am going to make a run at Loretta Lynn’s amateur nationals this year. Time to get SERIOUS! I am going to go to Ram Jam in Ohio as well. We will get both race bikes ready to go and possibly look for a new race trailer before the season starts. Lots to be done. I can’t wait for the opener of 2020. 

Dec 26 2019

I got new gear and some upgrades for my KTM. New boots, chest protector, neck brace, and several sets of pants and jerseys. I got new levers, handlebars, bar clamps, and grips as well as a new seat cover. Thanks Santa!

Dec 8 2019

I got a very late November practice in at my personal track. We have brought both my KTM’s inside for the winter. I think I may try racing some enduro races this year? We are going to get my old bike enduro race ready for the spring and make some race improvements on my MX bike. Hopefully CHRISTMAS will bring some new parts and apparel my way. The bigger picture this year is to try and make it to Loretta’s amateur nationals. I will be focused and training even harder than last year!

Nov 25 2019

I went riding with a few friends at Bulldog MX right by my house. I hope to become a member there for next year. My dad and I got my bike all tuned in the night before. My KTM ran great and it felt awesome to get a little seat time in late November!

Nov 19 2019

It’s almost time for rebuild season! With winter lurking right around the corner, I’m getting my sponsorship requests sent and taking inventory. I’m happy to say I have been pretty successful so far. There will be a different list of sponsors for the coming year as I’m waiting for responses from several brands. Every little bit helps. I’d like to thank my sponsors who’ve helped me along the way as well as the new ones who have joined Team Nitz Racing for 2020. 

Nov 9 2019

With race season over I’m concentrating on school now. I doubt I’ll get anymore practice days because of the winter weather. I’m going to stay fit by playing in a travel basketball league. No doubt we will rebuild the top end in my race bike over winter. We will do some upgrades to the controls and suspension as well. We may go south over winter or early spring and get in some practice time then. I’ll keep everyone posted. 

Oct 27 2019

We got an inch of rain overnight. The 1st moto was a mud fest. I didn’t get the hole shot but I did take the lead and ended up getting first. The track started to dry for the 2nd moto.  I lead for 2 1/2 laps and then got caught up in a big rut and got passed by 1 rider. I ended up getting 2nd and that gave me a 2nd overall for the day. I missed winning the Michigan State Championship by 1 point which really sucks and is disappointing to say the least. I had the win and made a mistake. It was a great race season. I attended every race I could except the ones when I was injured. I’m saying goodbye to 85 C class and I will go up a class in the 85 division next year. I’d like to again thank all my sponsors and my parents who made it all possible. Glory to GOD in the highest. ✌️ Mason Lee Nitz #161

Oct 26 2019

I got the hole shot both motos and I got the win both motos for first overall for the day. My KTM was running great and the track was perfect. I felt good out there and I was quite relaxed both races. We’re supposed to get an inch of rain here tonight into tomorrow. I’m going to go for the win tomorrow. Last race of the year. 

Oct 25 2019

Getting ready for our last race of the year. We’re off to Valley MX in Stanton, Mi. It will also be our last trip in the RV unless we go south to train in the off season. It has been a long season and a rewarding one. I need a win on Sunday to take the state championship. I can’t win the points in the seasonal series, there’s not enough races left. If I wouldn’t have crashed and got hurt during the summer, things might be different now. Anyway, everything happens for a reason. I’m gonna race both races, 4 motos total, and give it everything I’ve got. I’ll be happy no matter what the outcome. Everyday on the seat is better than a day off of it! Thanks to all my sponsors for helping me get here. Love to family and friends for their support. Glory to GOD, always and forever!

Oct 21 2019

I went 1-1 again on Sunday for 1st overall in the 85 C class state championship series.  I got the hole shot clean the 4th moto and never looked back. I worked my way through all 14 riders both days, both motos. My KTM was running strong and the wins both days are an excellent confidence builder. I’m only 1 point away from winning the Michigan state title. I know what I have to do on Sunday. I’ve beaten the #1 guy before. I’m going to ride my own race and see what happens. Of course I’ll be going all out for the win, but in the end it has been a challenging and rewarding season regardless...

Oct 19 2019

I went 1-1 today for 1st overall at Twisted MX. My bike was running great and I felt smooth and confident on track today. I’d like to thank GOD, my mom and dad, and all my sponsors for helping me get the win today. State race tomorrow, I’ll be looking for the same results I got today. 

Oct 17 2019

We just added a new set of Dunlop Geomax tires and a new set of OEM rear brake pads to my bike for the upcoming races at Twisted MX. Hopefully the new tires will help me pull the hole shot for both motos both days. Looking forward to racing as I’ve heard they’ve changed the track since the last time we were there. 

Oct 13 2019

I went 2-2 for the state race at Log Road MX today. I felt better than yesterday, but I made a few mistakes and could never quite catch 1st place. Anyway, I’m gonna focus this week on next weeks races at Twisted MX in Milan, Michigan. I haven’t been yet this year. As always I’ll be looking for a podium finish. Motocross season is winding down and I’ll take all the points I can get. 

Oct 12 2019

We got to Log Road late last night in the the pouring rain. I hurt my leg at school during the week so I took it easy during practice. I ended up going 1-1 for the day for 1st overall. It was my first time at Log Road and I’m off to a good start. The state race is tomorrow and there should be a lot more competition. I’ll be looking for another podium!

Oct 6 2019

We drove into Bulldogs MX today. It’s about 1.5 miles from our house. First moto I got the hole shot and held the lead for about 2 1/2 laps. I ended up getting 2nd. The second moto I didn’t have a great hole shot and never could catch 1st place.  I rode smart and ended up 2nd overall for the day. It was a great day for racing weather wise. I had a tougher time in the deep sand this time around for some reason? The track was pretty beat up by the time my race #11 came around. Good bye to Bulldogs until next year and now we’re on to Log Road in Coldwater, MI for 2 days next weekend. I’ve never been to this track before, I’m exited! Hard to believe Motocross  season is almost over

Sep 29 2019

I was up early today and ready to race! My first time at Polka Dots MX. I got the hole shot first moto and went on to take the win. It started to rain and made the track a little sloppy. I got the hole shot again in the 2nd moto and took the win again for a 1st overall for the day. I really liked this track and would love to race there on a dry day. Overall,  another great MX weekend with the family. I’d like to thank GOD for the opportunity and the ability!

Sep 27 2019

I was supposed to have a lesson with the local pro racer in our area but the weather put the squash on that. We’ve decided to go to Polka Dots MX early tomorrow for practice to prepare for the state race on Sunday. I’m excited because I’ve never raced this track. It is a very famous track in our area. 

Sep 22 2019

So this morning started off with pouring down sideways rain at Big Air MX. I went out for practice and did all 4 laps. They decided to run every class 1 four lap moto. 85 C was the second race of the day. I got a decent hole shot and passed everyone early on. I managed to stay on my bike through the slop and take the state race win! It was very hard to ride. I was still a little sore from my crash Saturday. Overall it was another great race weekend at the track. I’m going to start getting ready for next week at Polka Dots MX in Midland, Michigan. I’ve never raced at that track so I’m extra excited. It’s a state race and only 1 day, so I have to make both motos count. 

Sep 21 2019

We arrived late last night at Big Air MX in Newaygo, Mi. It was a disappointing day of racing. I didn’t get a very good hole shot for either moto. The first moto I ended up 3rd. The second moto I crashed hard and broke my front brake lever clamp. I got a little banged up, but nothing too serious. I got a DNF

Sep 17 2019

I usually have one night of practice where I just ride my pit bike (2004 CRF80F) and practice corners. It’s just something I do and most times it’s a Monday, after a hard weekend of Motos. Well tonight my dad/mechanic busted out his 1994 KX250. I ended up running a whole practice on it, including my starts. It was SO MUCH fun. The Kawasaki still has tons of power after all these years. I never want to practice on the pit bike again. Lol

Sep 16 2019

I got 3rd place overall at Portland Trail Riders MX on Saturday. The weather was great and I got some good hole shots. It rained hard Sunday morning and I ended up getting 1st overall after 2 motos! I had a great time with friends and family. I’m going to continue my goal of trying to get a podium finish in all of the Michigan State Championship series races. There are 5 left this season. I’d like to thank my sponsors and my family for helping the whole way. We’re on the Big Air MX in Newaygo, MI next week. I’m excited, as this is one of my favorite tracks. 

Sep 12 2019

My dad got my 2009 KTM up and running. It’s the bike I got 90% of my podiums with this year. I kind of forgot about it since getting my 2019. I practiced on it tonight at my house. It was fun and very different from my new bike. I’m going to start traveling with both bikes just in case. I know I can win on both bikes. I may use the old KTM for my practice laps before motos, or I may turn it into a super mini for next year when I move up a class, or I may use it during the super muddy Michigan spring and late fall races. We are going to Portland Trail Riders MX for races this weekend. There is another state race on Sunday. As always I’m looking for a podium finish both days. I’m going to go as hard as I can!

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