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Personal History

My name is Mason Moss, they call me MohawkMason. I started riding dirtbikes last year when my dad bought me a new 2009 Yamaha pw50. I started learning with training wheels, learning in the backyard track. I kept practicing and took those training wheels off and learned to ride without  them and practiced in the backyard, up north and even went to a couple open practices at erx motocross track. I am really devoted to racing I love watching it in person and on television. I always look at my dads magazines too. I want to be a proffesional racer someday. all I talk about is riding and racing my dirtbike this year. I enjoy anything with a motor and speed, dirtbikes, snowmobiles, four wheelers, cars, trucks, and more. I would rather go to a day at the races or a car show with my dad than anything else.

Riding Goals

I will be racing for the first time this year since I am now elgible to race in the 50cc Age bracket 4-8. My goal is to practice as much as I can and get better and better. I will be racing at erx motorpark and more venues to come. I hope to compete well and come in first in as many races as I enter and be the points leader at the end of the season. I also am trying to find sponsors to help out with anything so we can enter more race venues and I can keep practicing and getting closer to reaching my goal of becoming a proffesional.

Competitive Highlights

Hope to win as many races as I enter in 2011 and finish as points leader.