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Personal History

I am a 19 year old rider. I started racing when I was 4 years old, and had a great deal of wins and track championships under my name. Unfortunately at the age of nine years old I had to put my racing dreams on hold due to the divorce of my parents. Now I am 19 and live with my father and am getting back into racing!

Riding Goals

My goal is to regain my championship status, and threw hard work and dedication that i will put into racing I believe this is possible. Racing is my passion. With a well maintained bike, constant riding, and respect for other riders I feel I would represent your company in a professional and productive manner on and off the track with the right support.

Competitive Highlights

1st place at delta, and this was starting in the beginner class, sense I hadn't rode in a while. After my first race there the track manager came up to me and said I had no business being in that class, and moved me to intermediate, where I went on to get 1st place in that class.