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Personal History

I'm 28 years old, youngest of my family. Grew up watching my brothers get snowmobiles, dirtbikes, quads but never ended up having a chance to race or really become good on a bike. Last year a friend of mine talked me into racing, so I gave it a shot. Fell in love with the sport instantly even more then I already loved it. Been teaching myself new things by watching pros, keeping track of how I progress and now making videos to keep learning how I become better on a bike. I enjoy being outside, working on cars and bikes. Anything to keep me active I enjoy doing. I haven't missed many races since I have started racing and plan on continuing to do that.

Riding Goals

I'd like to be top 5 in plus 25 by the end of the 2018 season, work on getting better with the short time I've raced. I practice as much as possible started working on video edits so see where I can improve riding, I enjoy supercross style racing but would like to feel more comfortable on a national style race track. I plan on traveling to different states to practice more and get more of a variety tracks and riding styles. I'd like to try for top 10 in points for open Nov class and try to win plus 25 in stadiumcross this coming year.

Competitive Highlights

I had my first podium finish in beginner class in a muddy rainy race day at Broome with a 3rd place finish. I ended the season this year in top 10 for plus 25 Am/Nov in points with only completing in that class for half a season. I have a private practice track, in 2 months I knocked off 12 seconds on my lap times with having a broken hand when broke my personal record.