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Rider Updates

Jul 16 2013

I went out riding last week to practice for a up coming race and crashed my bike. I went over a 80ft triple and my front tire locked into the sand when I landed. My face smashed into the handle bar slicing my chin open and lunched me off the bike. I fell 25 feet down the track landing on my shoulder breaking my scapula. The doctors said I will have 6 weeks in a sling and 6 weeks therapy. But I live to ride and am always riding my scooter around town and will be getting ready for the winter series. ride on

Jun 13 2013

Bought new bike. 2009 CRF250R. back to riding 2-3 time a week.

Jun 6 2013

I blew my lower crank on my 06 honda crf250. I will be selling this week to buy a 09 Honda crf250. More low end power and better handling. It will be a great new ride!

Apr 30 2013

I was getting ready to race at Rapid Angles last Sunday the 28th. When my bike started back firing and lost all power. I was not able to race and unable to get bike running yet. looking into the problem and then will decide to fix of buy a newer bike. Till then I am sitting on the side lines.

Apr 21 2013

First race out at sugar maple mx. To start the day of we got snowed on all morning long. It was a intersting day with bike problems to start out. Showed up late to 250C races and end up in 19th and 12th placing 15th over all. Then in +25 B/C the bike was ready to rip. Both of the races went well placing 4th and then 2nd ending up with 2nd over all. Over all was a good day and in one piece for next weekend race.

Mar 29 2013

Hey Team,


My name is Mark Mainz and looking forward to a great race season working with you. I spent the last week working on my bike shiming valves, tuning carb and getting new rear tire, chain and sprockets!  Also will have new decals for the bike this week. All set up and ready to go for the start of the season. I pratice at a track called Aztlan in Lake Mills, WI. Due to the weather the opening day was pushed back to April 6th. Let the riding begin


Mark M.