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Personal History

I grew up with both my parents in a working middle class suburb. I always rode bicycles and wanted to ride motocross. I heard my friends riding on a small motocross track in my neighborhood every day. I was able to get a dirt bike at the age of 12. The first day on my bike I knew for the rest of my life I would ride bikes. When I turned 16 years old, I started riding and stunting street bikes. I was the vice president of a small motorcycle group and rode rain or shine. The group made multiple rides a year for fundraisers, bike events and fun events. We went to the motorcycle show in Chicago, IL in 2010 and looked at all the dirt bikes. I knew I had to get another and start riding. Two weeks later I had a bike sitting in my garage.

In the future I want to be around bikes all the time. My father is an engineer and always talked to me about becoming an engineer also. After jumping around in college getting a degree in Facilities Maintenance and Culinary Management, I started going to school at UW Stout for engineering technology in mechanical design. I plan to graduate and design motocross bikes in the future.

Riding Goals

My riding goals change all the time. Every day I try to get out and practice ride. I am then taking the hours of practice to the races every Sunday to win. From there my main goal is to win 1st place in District 16 motocross series.

Competitive Highlights

I came back into the racing seen in 2012 and broke both my legs two races into the season. Being unable to sit still, I was riding two weeks later with both my casts wrapped in garbage bags. I got out of my casts three months later and got right back into the races. I got 10th place and was excited to place in the top 10!