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Personal History

I live in Northern California with my wife and two stepdaughters, and have been a crazed riding enthusiast ever since I first layed eyes on a lawnmower-powered minibike 30 years ago. 

My riding as a kid was mainly recreational track and trail with some racing.  I began getting more and more interested in competitive racing as I reached high school, and did as much as I could while juggling work and school.  Things came to a halt when it was time for college, and my riding enthusiam was limited to memories and moto magazines for a few years. 

Once school was finished, I obtained a job in a great location for riding and completed the most competitive set of motocross racing years in my history.  Through this time I obtained several sponsorships and progressed from the Beginner through Intermediate levels.  This included numerous series point championships and runner-up honors from promotors such as AMP/GFI, MotoWest Racing, and California Cross. 

Just as everything seemed to be clicking, the job that had allowed me to evolve my racing career had become more demanding and nationwide travel ultimately seized my competitive riding.  I am thankful in many ways as I met my wife and stepdaughters during the layoff, but also had a tough time giving up something that was going so well.

The job is still demanding, but travel is now limited and I have been able to get myself back into racing shape.  I feel great, have the family's support, and am back into racing as of Summer '09. 

Riding Goals

My main goal for this year is to race Vet Intermediate and consistently place in the top 3 in local events and within the top 10 in regional events.   If things go well enough this year, I will consider moving up to Vet Expert next season. 

Competitive Highlights

Runner Up (250 Nov) 2000 AMP/GFI Spring Series

Runner Up (+25 Nov) 2000 AMP/GFI Spring Series

4th Place Overall (250 Nov) 2000 Hangtown National

9th Place Overall (250 Nov) 2000 Arco Arenacross

Runner Up (250 Nov) 1999 AMP/GFI Fall Series

Champion (250 Nov) 1999 Hangtown Summer Series

Runner Up (+25 Nov) 1999 Hangtown Summer Series

Champion (250 Beg)  1999 MotoWest Summer Series

Champion (+25 Beg) 1999 MotoWest Summer Series