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Rider Updates

Nov 15 2021

2021 season has come to an end. Finished off the year first place 65cc 7/9 spring series for NEMX, seocnd place in the 65cc open. My family made a big move to a new state so we werent able to finish off the fall series. Looking forward to the 2022 season already.

Jun 23 2021

The spring series is almost over & im doing pretty well so far. This upcoming weekend is the Capeway Classic in my hometown with a double header weekend. Looking forward to a full gate! 

Jan 17 2021

I got a 5 day riding trip with some personal training from my parents for christmas to the Jimmy Weinert training facility in NC. Excited to practice and learn some new things to help my upcoming race season.

Sep 7 2020

I am no longer on a ktm 50. We made the switch & i know ride a 2020 cobraFWE

Aug 16 2020

Great news! After some early mornings & late nights, my bike was race ready for this morning! It felt so good to be back out there. My bike was on point today. It was definitely what I needed after that last race I had! Went out there, rain & shine and still brought that second place trophy home! 

Aug 7 2020

So my race bike has been down for 2 weeks now. both of them actually! I hope to be back out on the track next weekend. stay tuned guys! ill be back out there soon.

Jul 6 2020

Fourth of July was the opening race day for NEMX at Winchester speed park. That day was a good day! Sunday I raced 4 classes, 2 on my 50 & 2 on my 65. In the 65 open, first corner, I got taken out from behind & fell. Both bikes landing on top of me. But thanks to my dad, he pulled me up, I did jumping jacks & finished that race! Wasn’t my best placement but I finished! On the same day, in the 50 open, I got bumped into off the starting gate which caused me to get whipped off my bike, ran over & my bike landing on me again. I got back up, and charged up from last place to 10th! There was almost 30 kids in that race. All & all it was a great weekend! Look forward to my double header in a few weeks. 

Jun 30 2020

Over the weekend I went to the Loretta Lynn regional qualifiers in WV. Despite some bike problems, i still rode my heart out but did not get the ticket. Thankful for the moto friends we make along the way. I have my weekly training coming up this week at my home town track, Also, I'm excited to announce i have accepted 5 new sponsorship offers! Twin air, O'Neal racing, Spy optics, Leatt & streamline brakes. Thank you for allowing me to be part of the team. I hope to continue my motocross journey better than ever from here on out. This weekend for the fourth of July, it is my opening NEMX race at Winchester speedpark in NH. This is where my points count. I look forward to making everyone proud. Thanks again for the support so far.