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Personal History

My name is Maleana McKnight, I’m 19 years old and from Ely, NV. I started riding in 2005 at 3 years old, and absolutely love racing and anything that has to do with being on my bike. I grew up a 3 sport athlete throughout school, playing volleyball, basketball and softball. I love to hunt, shoot trap, ride horses, photography and do anything that’s fun with friends and family. I graduated High School this June, and moved to Elko, NV to further my education for a bachelors degree in human resources. 

Riding Goals

I have a ton of riding goals over the course of this 2021 race season, in desert, MX and worcs. No matter what racing style it is, or class I race in, i’m going to push myself from the start to finish, and place 5th or higher. I plan to be apart of all these different racing series that go on in NV and the states around me, so that’s a lot of seat time and time to be able to accomplish this. I will train hard, work hard, and not take any days off so I can ensure I do everything in my power to make this happen. I ride because I’ve loved this sport ever since I got my first bike, and I want to push myself to be successful because I’m competitive, and want to give back to my family for their support over the years. This wouldn’t be possible and I wouldn’t have the opportunity to compete in this much racing if it wasn’t for them, so I won’t accept not being my absolute best in every race. 

Competitive Highlights

My biggest highlight to take away from this 2020 season would be racing women’s for the first time in the Geoundshakers MC, and walking away with 2nd place and $150. I always raced 250 open with the guys, so being able to go in a different class and still push myself to the finish, paid off. It was definitely an unforgettable experience to cross the finish line and be given the reward and pictures taken and whatnot.