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Personal History

I'm Mackenna Kendrick, I was born to spend my life on two wheels! I started out on a little strider when I wasn't even two yet and there was no stopping me after that! Stacyc racing was my first love, I started when I was just 3 years old! My parents couldn't get me off of that bike, and I spent most of all of my spare time practicing for all the racing I could find. For my fourth birthday I got my first pw 50 and that has been a game changer, me and my parents go out riding all the time; we trail ride, and find tracks all over the place while we travel the US! Everyday you can catch me on one of my bikes, whether it's my stacyc, my mountain bike, my Haro, my KTM or my PW! I recently placed 3rd in the Motokazie series in Minnesota and I even got my first ever win out of 38 racers! I am looking forward to racing BMXUSA and it has been a blast learning another sport! We are in AZ for the winter of 2023 and spring of 2024, I can't wait for all the racing ahead. My favorite thing about racing besides winning a huge trophy is making the best of friends! 

Riding Goals

Constantly work on riding technique to be able to tackle every track. MacKenna has been getting real fast on the PW and is showing some comfort on the SX mini. Still working on getting used to the power difference as well as the foot vs hand brake. She races both bikes on the same day and does excellent!

Competitive Highlights

MacKenna absolutely loves doing gate drops and has been in the top 3 in almost every holeshot. MacKenna is very competitive and rides her hardest throughout the race and never gives up! MacKenna recently placed 3rd out of 78 riders in the Motokazie series 2023. MacKenna went 1-1 out of 38 riders in the 4-8 shift/shaft class at Motokazie SX. The boys were NOT happy