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Personal History

Im a 24 year old Male, I was Born on december 29th 1986. Im am Originaly from Philadelphia but Live in Jacksonville, NC due to my job. Im a United States Marine by profession and i love what i do. I am very familly Oriented and they mean the world to me. I am a Leader, i have tons of friends and always look after them. 

I travel a lot and am in diferent states all the time. I Love the outdoors and anything to do with speed and addrenaline. I started to ride back when i was 9 years old on a little 50cc, eventually moved up to a 80cc then a 125cc and worked my self up to a 250cc. I had several championships appearences and stoped racing when i was 22. I Started again now again on another 250cc at the Southern Mx championship down here in North Carolina. This Season im learning all the tracks and studying all the riders and theire riding style.

I Ride at the same tracks and even same races with some young pro racers, such as Cooper Webb, Corey Radcliff, Steven Zimmer, Daniel Salese, Justin Riggs and many more. I Practice at local Tracks during week, Saturday and have race day Sunday.

I love Riding, Its more than a sport, its a passion i have ever since i had my first bike. 

Riding Goals

After i get familiar with all the riders and the tracks this year, i want to hit the tracks hard and start to get in the top 3 of the races and win D Class and move up class from 125/250/450 open/D to C Class or Even B and College Boy. Ive been putting alot of hours on the track with my bike to get familiar with the tracks and riders and also been putting a lot of work into my bike. 


Competitive Highlights