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Personal History

I live by a town named Delia and started to ride dirt bikes when i turned 6 years old. My First bike was an old yamaha pw 50. I started to get Really into bikes about 3 to 4 years ago. I have always wanted my dad to build me a motocross track but he was always to bussy with the farm. I finnaly started one of the tractors and started to build, Hopefully i will finish the track next year so i can buils my skill.

Riding Goals

My goals for this up coming year is to enter in the 85cc expert class and get a top 2 position in every race i'm in. Also my goals for this up coming season is to ride ALOT more then I ever had and To Finish my Motocross track to build my skill alot more.

Competitive Highlights

I enterd my First race Last year and i won it by a big lead.  I was proud of myself because i didn't know if i was slow or fast, From then on i started to race and get a top 2 position