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Personal History


My name is Lowe Lord and I am 10 years old. I am 48 inches tall and weigh 60 lbs. I was born in Carson City NV on 7-15-08. I have an English Bulldog named Karl. I live in Placerville CA with my Mom and Dad where I have a moto track, half pipe, BMX pump track, trampoline and some single track. I am in 5th grade and go to CMP. When I'm not racing or riding I really like soccer and I am on my schools JV wrestling team and compete in tournaments. My mom and dad race too so its a family thing for us when we are on the bikes but I'm the best jumper! My best friends name is Kody and we love goofing off and playing pranks on my parents. 



Riding Goals

"Having fun is the best trophy"

"Keep beating my dad on the 50 track!

"keep practicing my starts"

"Keep working on cornering"

" Race amateur day at Hangtown 2019" 

"Keep up my good grades"

"Race the Fly national again this year"

"Go after a national hare scramble championship"

"Race the entire 2019 D-36 series"

"Race the rep racing series"


Competitive Highlights

Lowe is in the 5th  grade but is excelling to a 7th and 8th grade level in reading ,writing and math. (We are extremely proud of him!)

* Started riding at 18 months old and I have been racing since I was 4. Check me out on Youtube  (2 year old riding a pw 50)

* 2018 fall series champion D-36 C-65 class on my 2018 YZ 65

* 2018 fall series champion D-36 Clutchless class

* Placed 5th in the D-36 spring series in the C-65 class (I missed some races due to soccer tournaments)

* 2018 spring series champion D-36 Clutchless class

* Placed 3rd at the 2018 Fly national at Hangtown on my YZ-65

* Placed 6th at Hangtown Amature 2018 on my YZ 65

* Placed 1st at all three outdoor arena cross races that Rep Racing held at prairie city AX.

* Placed 1st at the Breast Cancer awareness race at Hangtown on my YZ 65

Lowe received one of the 1st 2018 YZ 65's that came to Northern CA and he is beyond pleased with it and excited to race it again this season!

Lowe Raced in the 2017 Jr. KTM Challenge had the fastest qualifying times in practice and got the hole shots!!  He ended up getting 6th place had a great race!!!  It was such a great experience.

He is definitely getting faster...