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Rider Updates

Mar 25 2013

Someone stole my bike just over 3 years ago. That really put a kink in my program even before insurance bailed on me. Since then, I had to work for years, graduate college with an engineering degree and get a job before I could afford a new one. I just bought myself a new bike! I'm really excited.

Aug 30 2009

I dislocated my hip AND shoulder. When I started walking again I realized how bad my knee was hurt. I just rode for the first time this summer last weekend so at least I'm getting better.

Mar 12 2009

After a lengthy hiatus, I'm back on the bike. She runs great, despite the carb's best efforts. John got most of the kinks out and now that I have saved up some money, I can start practicing again. Riverfront was awesome, and I was flying!

Sep 28 2007

Washougal is everything everyone makes it out to be. I raced well, and would have done much better if not for some minor issues: i.e. while passing into first I was taken out and ended up starting in last, but still worked up to 11th.