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Rider Updates

Jul 17 2009

saturday, july 11 i went down at a local track where i live my ankle looked pretty messed up so we drove into the city to a good hospital which is a good hour and a half away. we got to the ER and and i had to wait to get in it was three hours after it happened till i got pain medication. they did a closed reduction saturday night, that didn't really do anything. sunday morning i went into surgery and they put an external fixater on my leg which is a thing with two bars going into my leg that conects to a bunch a bars outside. that didn't work quite right so they sent me to another hospital by ambulance. i went into surgery monday morning and they finaly got it set right using four screws. i went home that day. now i have to have my leg up for two weeks and non weight bearing for for at least four weeks after that.