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Personal History

I have always ridden motorcycles and bikes in my youth. I started racing in late 2001 on a 02 Yz 250 and went from there. I work a full time job Mon-Wed. The rest of the week I am either riding or cross-training. In general I am a very outgoing person, I have always lived by the motto "You never know until you've tried it".

Riding Goals

  • I want to get back to where I have been in previous years in the B class. Especially in terms of speed and endurance.
  • I want to get my bike and suspension completely dialed-in for me.
  • I want to work on my corner speed and throttle control(you can never have to much of either one).
  • I have always been a Tim Ferry style rider, Mid-pack start and charge to the front. I am looking to change that this year.
  • Have FUN with racing.
  • To keep gaining experience, and to have a good year in 2010

Competitive Highlights

I've been out of racing since late 2004, but I'm back armed with new gear, a new bike and suspension suited to my style, and a new attitude. My last big race was my 3rd Intermediate race at Diamond W ArenaCross, It was my 3rd Intermediate race. I went 1st out of 27 in 125 class and 3rd out of 19 in the 250 class.