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Personal History

I have always had an interest in motorbikes ever since I was young along with my family. I got my first bike 4 years ago it was a crf150r and have raced competitively in an event claiming 1st overall this has encouraged me to race more. I love racing my mates on motorbikes and spend a lot of my time a race track practicing. My uncles and cousins also have great interest in riding motorbikes and they also have been successful riders. 

Riding Goals

Riding is much more than just a sport for me it is my passion it gives me a break from other things in life. It also gives me freedom and enjoyment i am always looking forward to the next ride. In the recent times I have had a break from racing but now that riding season is back I want to race more than ever. I want to attend races in the near future such as Brookton pony express, Yiliring mud fest and local races near my home town. I am setting my goals high for the near future hoping to race in much more competitive races and pushing my abilities to achieve higher scores and pushing through the leaderboard.

Competitive Highlights

I set my goals high in riding because I want to achieve a lot in recent years i raced in an Enduro event which I did very well in. The event went over 3 months with 3 different races and I was in the 85cc-150cc class. In my first event I claimed 1st place in the second race I claimed 5th place which wasnt my best effort but the race had over 30 people in it and was very competitive. In my final race I claimed 2nd place which was a great run. Overall I claimed the highest points trophy over all three races. I havent raced since then but I hope to go back to racing in the near future.