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Personal History

Liam is an all around good kid that loves motocross. His Charismatic nature has made him a leader that kids naturally want to gravitate to. 

In school, Liam's teachers are always talking about how much he is a pleasure to have in class and is always on task. He has maintained a 3.8 GPA throughout his first semester of 4th grade and has even been asked to take 5th grade math classes.

Outside of moto he loves to ride BMX, play soccer. During this years soccer season he was able to earn a starting position and was by far one of the best players on his team because of his strong work ethic, but his love for moto was too strong and Liam has decided that he wants to focus on motocross and earn a 65cc Championship.

Riding Goals

- 65cc Junior Champion 

- Qualify for Mammoth