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levi brito

levi brito

Age 34
Location dartmouth, MA, US
Rider # 830-8
Site Rank 11282
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Classes Motocross

About Me

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Rider Updates

SIDDHARTHA             The novel Siddhartha, tells of a young mans journey to adulthood and a quest to find total and utter enlightenment. Throughout the novel Siddhartha has many teachers that give him life lessons, skills, and tips which in the end piece together the puzzle of life for this man.              The first teacher in this novel is the Brahmin, (Siddharthas Father). Siddhartha’s father is asked to give permission to let Siddhartha go off on his life’s journey to find enlightenment. Although Siddhartha is frustrated that his father makes him stay and wait all night for the answer, He will not truly understand his father’s predicament until he is faced with the same problem later in his life.    &n

Race Results

Date Event Class Place
Jul 6 2008 lorretta lynn area 1st
May 15 2008 capeway race 4th
Mar 6 2007 lorretta lynn regional 11th
Sep 6 2006 NCSC 1st


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