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Personal History

lack of confidence From the drooping cheeks and the wattle that the ship did, "Natchaya Clinic" had liposuction until the face was perfect, the face frame was clear, until it was said that it was thinner.

Today we have a review for young men and women who have problems, lack of confidence. Because the face is round and big, because excess fat accumulates on the face. Makes the face sagging, the cheeks droop, and it is clearly seen that there is a wattle. Makes you look at any angle, the face looks um can't see the outline can't see the front frame But the helper that answers the question the best to dissolve excess fat on the face to see the most obvious results That is, liposuction surgery. and the front frame

Like Khun Kwan's case, she had a problem from excess fat on her face, causing her face to be puffy, lots of cheeks, hanging cheeks, not firm face, lots of wattle, looks like a person with a double chin. No matter how difficult it is to take pictures, it is difficult to see your own face and lack of confidence. because there is no front frame If you meet someone, you will be told that you look fat even though at the same weight Kwan makes you feel very worried about the problem.

Picture of Khun Kwan before liposuction surgery at Natchaya Clinic

Khun Kwan chooses to undergo wattle liposuction surgery. And the framework of Natchaya Clinic, Khun Kwan said that she chose to do it here because she had seen reviews of liposuction via social media. and ดูดเหนียง (Suggested Site) follow up for information Always look at reviews. I'm interested Plus, I've heard the reputation of Dr. Kookkai at Natchaya Clinic as an experienced doctor. Good clinic has standard and is famous for liposuction surgery So I decided to do it here.

after doing until now the face is already in place The results were very evident. The framework of duties that never existed before. Now it's clearly visible. My friends and people around me all say that I look thinner, even though my face only looks smaller. therefore have more confidence When taking pictures now, I am confident in every angle. You don't have to wait for me to cover your face. front frame again Anyone who wants to have a beautiful face, a clear face frame, a slim face with a V-shape like Khun Kwan, can come to Natchaya Clinic. Guarantee that you won't be disappointed.

After liposuction surgery until the face is in place

5 things you should know before deciding on liposuction

what is liposuction

Liposuction is the removal of excess fat that has accumulated under the skin layer more than needed. by specialized doctors By opening a small incision in the area to be liposuction. Then insert a tube to break the fat cells. and then suck the fat out

How is liposuction good?

1. See results immediately after the procedure.

2. No need to go to liposuction repeatedly.

3. You can choose to cut fat in specific areas.

4. Less swelling It doesn't take long to recuperate.

5. If you control your weight to a normal level The effect of the treatment will last longer.

What are the disadvantages of liposuction?

1. After liposuction, there may be swelling, bruises, black and green in the beginning. but the symptoms will gradually Improved after 1 l week of liposuction

2. In some patients There may be a chance of a raised scar, ulcer, keloid in the liposuction area.

Who is suitable for liposuction?

1. People who want to get rid of excess fat in a specific area.

2. People who want to see fast, instant results

3. People with less recovery time

4. People who have a lot of fat under the chin area. The chin is double-layered. and the face looks lacking dimension

5. People who do not weigh much but have wattle

6. People who are obese in specific areas not all fat

7. People whose skin is flexible

Who is not suitable for liposuction?

1. a person with a chronic disease such as diabetes, heart disease,

2. People who are treating certain diseases, patients have to undergo a diagnosis from a personal psychiatrist before they can undergo liposuction.

3. People who lack flexibility sagging skin

Why choose us

medical team

The Natchaya Clinic medical team is a specialist in liposuction. is a specialized doctor with experience in liposuction that has been supported by the Society of Plastic Surgeons of Thailand All doctors are meticulous. Caring for all patients understand the problem and be able to solve it on the spot as the patient wants

modern tools

At Natchaya Clinic, we use Bodytite liposuction tools. high efficiency Meet international standards, clean and high security.

closely monitor

All patients who come to Natchaya Clinic will be treated like family from a professional team. that understands the patient's problems Can give advice from experienced experts to take care of patients from the first time they use the service and closely monitor symptoms after fat grafting

the place is open properly

The first thing that the patient should pay attention to When deciding to undergo liposuction is safety Studying information is therefore very important. Should choose a hospital with high security. that is opened correctly, otherwise there may be many problems after liposuction and may be at risk of infection should choose a specialist doctor is a specialized plastic surgeon that has been supported by the Society of Plastic Surgeons of Thailand

For anyone interested can be contacted at

Natchaya Clinic

Phone number 02-729-7490, 086-4000-466


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