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Personal History

A long, long time ago..... in a galxy far far away..... Just kidding. Hello, my name is Lawton Makovec. When i was 5 years old, my life was based on basketball. I was a little "michael jordan," then i saw the Disney movie "Motocrossed" and was hooked from then on. After begging and pleading for awhile, I finally got my KDX50. I thought I was a little McGrath now, not so much Jordan. I rode as often as I could. Then, i got burnt out, being 5 years old going through phases every 10 seconds, so I got back into basketball, and flag-football. But, my brother turned 13 and his friend sold him a 1995 KX60. He soon realized he was to tall for it and passed it down to me. I rode, and rode, and rode this bike into the ground. So, we bought a newer, cleaner, better bike. A 2002 KX65. I'm now 11, and we decide to go to a local track. I thought I HAD to get over this jump, that was near impossible on a 65. And I busted my foot. OUCH! After getting out of my cast, I swore I would never ride again. But, my brains came back, and we bought a SuperMini Kx110, (110cc big bore kit.) And we soon realized that I was not strong enough to throw the bike around. So, FINALLY we got a 2003 KX85. And I've been hooked ever since. I've had my share and torn ligements, muscles and busted bones and sprained ankles..... and have missed most of this 2010 season because of that. But I'm starting to be pretty consitent. I train for racing, most of my week and ride every chance I get.

-Lawton Makovec

Riding Goals

I hope to hit all the races next year, stay consitent, and stay healthy. And hope to qualify for Ponca MX sometime before I get off my 85.