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For some people, feng shui is an important aspect that cannot be forgotten even in a single room. So we accumulated of different rooms in the house That we need to pay attention to each other. It can be said that all rooms can be read and arranged.


The kitchen is forbidden near the shower room. Because it will result in failure in life and also cause bad luck. The kitchen is also a place to cook, and if it's near a shower, it may result in an unpleasant smell wafting from the toilet. A simple solution is to find a scene to block.

The kitchen is under the stairs. understand that doing nothing will not be successful And it also causes financial impact. In addition, food fumes may rise to disturb those upstairs and those who walk up and down the stairs. Both oil stains will also follow the stairs, making them messy and slippery. The floor of the kitchen is high and low, thought to be a sign of bad luck. Doing anything but problems Usually, when the floor in the kitchen is different in height, it is prone to accidents.


The headboard needs to be strong. good height with cushion or mattress The bed should be away from the door. It may be located diagonally to the goal but not opposite the goal. however, the bed should be positioned so that when you are on the bed you can clearly see the door.

The wall behind the bed is very important. because it will help maintain good and strong energy for you. For that reason, the wall on your bed must be solid. Then you can choose the right color or the bed.

living room

The size of the living room should not be too small or too big to be necessary. But it must be the right size. Set the main large sofa on the wall. The other seats were placed near the window. Colors that suit the living room Must be natural tones to emphasize the warmth of each other living room level It doesn't deserve to be higher than the dining room.

Living room decor should emphasize the liveliness and brightness by using plants, บ้านคอนโด flowers, mirrors or allowing light into the house. The living room needs to be emptied. Children's toys, in particular, should be kept tidy.


In the past, it was forbidden to build a shower room in front of the house. because it is an inauspicious position causing the house to accumulate moisture and produce unwanted odors The toilet should not be on the side of the bedroom or kitchen door. Because both of these rooms shouldn't be disturbed by smells or dampness. The design of the toilet must be ventilated, well-lit, and ventilated to avoid the generation of moisture, musty or mold.

which is confident that if it is, it will be a bad center of power water pipes, water supply should be in a visible position. And it must not lean through the room or the joints of other rooms in the house. The sewer section is the passage of negative energy for that reason it should not be located in a visible position. and should not be in the direction of water flowing through or at the exit door.