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Personal History

In 2008, my husband and I bought our first son a JR 50. Within six months, he found trail riding and forced us to buy bikes to follow him. From the first time I swung my leg over the bike I was hooked. We trail rode for a couple of years until our son convinced us to let him race. He was awesome, but we thought he should be faster than he was. After a heated discussion in the pits, I decided to race the following week. It was the greatest moment of my riding career; nothing will replace the feeling I had when the gate dropped and I took off for the first time. Since then, I have not stopped racing. Although MX racing is still a component of out racing schedule, iti s only one compentent ins our diverse racing schedule. We like to race a variety of race structures to keep it fun although next year I would like to qualify for the Loetta Lynns. To continue racing, we are always looking for support from companies in the mx ndustry. Since we are a family of racers, any company that sponsors us receives advertisment in a vareity of class all day long. Without rider support, the Ferguson family would not be able to race. 

Riding Goals

AMA SoCal Chaniopship Serioes Champ for 4th year in a row. 

AMA Big 6 Championship

Mammoth MX

Loretta Lynn

Competitive Highlights

3 time AMA SoCal Championship Series Champion

1st Place in 2017 Big 6 GP Series

2nd Place in District 37 Desert Series