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Personal History

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Laken Roy Lee Mauldin is an up and coming young motocross racer from
Montgomery, TX (Lake Conroe - Houston Area). Born on Friday the 13th
of October 2017, he is age AMA-4 as of 2022 and will be age AMA-5 in 2023.

In July 2021 Laken's family moved to a neighborhood in Montgomery and
shortly after met a neighbor that had a 9 year old son that raced a 65cc.
Shortly after that, another family moved in across the street with 3 children
that raced from ages 8 to 13 on a national level.
"Houston, we have a problem!"

One day in September, Laken noticed the kids out front of their house
washing bikes after a day of practice on a local track. He said "look
Daddy look, a motorcycle!" as he was running over to them. He said
"Daddy, Daddy, I want one". His Dad replied "Son, you are 3 and can't
even ride your bicycle without training wheels yet. I'll make you a deal,
if you can ride your bicycle by your 4th birthday in a couple of weeks
without training wheels, I'll see about getting you a dirt bike." Laken
replied "TAKE 'EM OFF". Within an hour, he was riding with no training
wheels. Within a week, he was jumping ramps.

Laken's family didn't have a dirt bike history at all, so they didn't know
where to start. So his parents got him an electric Razor dirt bike for his
4th birthday and he quickly got "the fever." Shortly after he progressed to
a used Yamaha PW50, then his Dad realized this wasn't just a phase. After
how serious his Dad realized this "dirt bike thing" was, the next thing
you know Laken and his Dad walked into a KTM dealership.  OUCH $!!!

Laken's first race was May 2021, at age 4 and the rest is history. Now
almost every weekend consists of Laken's family pulling a camper and
race trailer and camping at Motocross tracks all over. The family then
realized that this is the life they could get accustomed to. His unreal
focus and obsession has changed their life direction.

When not racing, or practicing on the local tracks or his home track in his
backyard, Laken is talking about it, dreaming about it, watching videos of
it, or playing with his dirt bike toys in his Momma's flowerbeds. His other
hobbies consist of Jiu-Jitsu, Hunting, Fishing, and Soccer.


Riding Goals

As he continues to progress, in 2023 he will begin training with a pro
motocross trainer rather than his Dad. They are in a motocross hot spot in
the Greater Houston area with tons of local HIGH quality tracks and trainers.

Laken's 2023 goals are to win more local races and series, district
championships, and state races. With the backing of his family, he is able
attend local race series across Texas, as well as crossing over state lines
to amateur national races. Laken is shooting for AMA Races such as Texas
State Championships, Texas Winter Series, Spring A Ding Ding, Mini O's,
JS7 Freestone Spring Championships, Motoplayground at Ponca, etc. and
the ultimate goal is Loretta Lynn's AMA Amateur National Championships.

Competitive Highlights


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