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Personal History

Hi I am a 12 year old girl. I always rode quads but never raced anything. But last year i started riding the ATC 70 mini 3 wheeler and both of my brothers race 250 and i was always scared to get on a bike. But i have worked up my courage and swung my leg over a bike and now i am hooked on riding the bike. I am going to race the women's class on the 250. 

Riding Goals

I have been practicing over the few past weekends and getting race ready. I feel pretty good on the bike. I don't get nervous anymore before i go out on the track its all about having fun. It does not matter if you lose or win just about having fun. 

Competitive Highlights

I have a couple first place wins on the mini Atc 70's. I have been practicing with Veterans riders/ people that have been riding since they were little. And i am hanging with the pack in the corners and they are right next to me and i am staying next to them comfortable being right next to them.