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Personal History

Hello, i am kyle willerford and i have been riding offroad since i was 4 years old. I have always done free-riding and have grown so much from this. me and my friends would build berms dig ruts and shovel jumps. Then in 2014 i wanted to try a race in Lake Elsinore. It was my first one ever but it started a whole new me. now i have grown so much as a rider i notice different changes in my bike when i put different tires, levers, grips, and even exhaust systems. Lastly my favorite bike has got to be the two-stroke, i believe that one day honda and kawasaki will make full size two-strokes again. 

Riding Goals

my main goals as a rider may not seem like much but they are very valuable. I some day want to be payed for doing something i love(riding my dirt bike). Also, i want to be noticed my companies that i love on my bike. And most of all i want to improve more and more.

Competitive Highlights

there isnt much for me to say, i thing im an average rider for my level and i come in mid pack to top 5 in my class pretty much all the time.