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Rider Updates

Apr 19 2008

I qualified in motocross B stock and Mod finishing a 7th overall in stock and 6th overall in mod class.  MX lites B mod i finished a overall of 9th place because i crashed hardcore in the back whoop section in second to last lap.

Jan 10 2008

In Feb. my race team, slamans racing, is going to be going down to Texas to 3 Palms MX and Mosier Valley to train for the upcoming 2008 motocross season. On our way back from Texas, we will be stoping at DuQoin, Illinois to race the local lorretta lynn's qualifier. Hoping that everybody will make it in their classes.  Just wanted to let everybody know whats planned for this upcoming next 2 months.

Ill keep you posted about what happens.


Kyle Slamans

Oct 16 2007

If you didnt kno, this year I suffered from 2 broken bones. As a matter of fact, it was the same one twice, my collarbone. I had surgery recently on it, had a plate and 8 screws put in, so that it heals and hopefully doesn't break again. Sunday though was my first day back on the bike in about 2 months. I rode pretty good, my lap times werent that hot, since my dad said I should just get back my natural flow, but today i went and rode at my track in the mud, and was flying!
Im soooo happy to be back riding, since ive just been training, trying to get back up with my strength in lifting wise, and being cardio vascular fit wise. So its all good.
Im not going to be racing anymore this year, since the season is already over. Im just going to train/ride as much as possible.