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Personal History

Im Kyle Slamans.  Im a motocross racer that rides for  jesus christ.  Ive been riding since i was 4 years old.  I have been racing since i was 10 years old.  I eat, sleep, and breath motocross.  Ive been wanting to become a professional motocross racer since i was 2 years old.  A little bit about my personality would be: Im an outgoing person, that loves to be making people laugh, and feel comfortable around me.  Im usually the life of the party, or well i try to be.  I love to hang out with my friends and family as much as possible.  Im very determined about what i do.  I like to have a very balanced schelude, and i like to plan things a lot.  Its really kind of hard to describe how I truely am, im still searching for the word that best fits me.  

Right now im riding for Slamans Racing. Which is my race team that my dad runs, that consists of myself and my brother.  We are sponsored by Tuf Powersports, Decal Works, SDS Capital,  Slamans Siding, and we are currently looking for more people to help us make this year the best so far.

A little bit about my brother Tyler would be: He just got off of 85's and is looking to do very well on his new 125 in the C classes and also in schoolboy.  His goals for this season is to make it through qualifiers and regionals healthy and to be able to race at lorretas.  He wants to win all of his local races, and live for christ every day of his life.

Riding Goals

This year's goals ive set for my self are:

~Qualifing for Lorretta Lynn's

~Making it Past the regional for Lorretta's

~Competing at Lorretta Lynn's

~Going to Ponca City Nationals

~Training in Texas, Florida, and Georgia this winter

~Going to Branson Nationals

~Winning all of my local races in B Class around home.

Competitive Highlights

2007~ This past year, I qualified for Lorretta Lynn's at a local qualifier in 2 different classes.  When I broke my collarbone the first time, it was the weekend after the qualifier at a local race, which put me back from riding, and getting faster.  When the regional was coming around, I was ready, but when I crashed at this fair race, it rebroke itself again.  I thought that I would have a pretty good chance at the regional this past year, so were just going to have to see what happens next year.            Some highlights would be: Waterman Indoor Series 5th 125B, Racing Millville Amature National Race, Finished 7 out of 43 in 125Jr. School Boy, 15th out of 44 in 125B, Racing Red Bud Amature National Race, Finished 9th out of 32 250B.

2008~I qualified in motocross b stock and mod for the regional at little falls minnesota.  Had some bad luck with bike problems there and finished 20th and 24th in those classes. Won 5 local races. Didnt get to race all that much because of an injury to my leg when i hit a tree while leading in motocross b at a local race in illinois.  I plan on racing B classes again next year to be able to get down to lorrettas.