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Personal History

Hey guys!! Im just going to start by telling you a little bout myself. I am 21 years old ive been on a bike since i was 4 years old started racing at 6. Ive been in this sport my whole life. Im very humble to say i have had a dad to help me along this journey ,without that i wouldnt be where i am at now. Although now im at the age where i am supporting myself i am still in the game! Im here to stay and to pass the torch one day.

Riding Goals

My goal is the same as most everyone elses. Work hard and push myself everyday that i can. You can never be "too fast" there is always a way of doing things better and perfecting them. I am not the fastest rider in the mx scene but thats what pushes me. I have lots of goals and one would be to run some GNCC races. And and to place in the top at lorettas. Im having fun thats what matters most.

Competitive Highlights

One of my most favorite and memorable competitive highlights was when i was racing my kx85 at a local fair race. There were alot of riders lined up in that class that night and we always have that one rival rider that gives you a run for your money well...long story short, gate drops me and this guy tangle up in the second turn. Id say 15 seconds behind the pack. This dude an I were battling it out all the way back up to the front managed to get up to 1st and 2nd....sadly i ended up in 2nd place but handdown highlight of my mx career! It was deffinately a nail biter..