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Personal History

Umm.. i'm 13 5'3'', and i race motocross on my 09' 250f Kawasaki's :)

Riding Goals

Uhh.. Get Sponsored!!

Competitive Highlights

At Freestone MX 1/3/10, I was racing the 250D class my first moto I had gotten second place, and the second moto I got the Wholeshot, and to what I thought, had a huge lead I carried first the whole race untill the last last when a yz125 comes around and passes me on the inside line. Immediately I said to myself he's not taking this win, so both of us shot over the tabletop at the same time and right as we landed I hammered the throttle.Swapping through the sand whoops I leaned back and hoped for the best as I pinned the throttle and finally jumped the step-upgetting First place for the day.