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Personal History

I'm Kyle Schneider and motocross is my life. When I was 2, I was diagnosed with a rare brain cancer and I was told i wasn't going to live. after 2 years in a hopsital bed, and all the radiation I went through, I couldn't just go through life without taking any risks. I believe since I survived cancer, I was invincible and I could do anything I want to. So far, I have broken many bones and had more concussions thatn I can count, but this sport is my life and I will continue doing it as long as I live. "I'd rather be a rider for a moment, than be a spectator for life."

Riding Goals

I recently moved from C class to B class the last couple races of this year and I am going to train so hard in the winter to be ready for B next year. I'm so excited and my goal is to be B class champion next year. I will race every weekend and do whatever it takes to be the best rider I can. I would like to go to Loretts Lynn's but we don't have time or money to travel. 

Competitive Highlights

As you may know, C class is probably the most rough and dangerous class, because the variety of skill level. I remember 4 weeks agao up at a local track here in Wisconsin, there was 32 bikes in my class and the holesgot is about a 70 degree angle back towards the left. i had it 3rd gear pinned, and was coming into the corner thinking, Oh my god! I got the holeshot! Then, I get nailed fom the side and the guys bike runs me over. It sits on me for about 20 seconds with the muffler burning in my back. After his bike was off of me and he took off, I got up ,started my bike, and went from dead last, to 5th.