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Personal History

MMX Freestyle is a team of motocross professionals that performs pit bike freestyle shows. MMX Freestyle creates a unique blend of power sports entertainment that will thrill audiences of all ages and promote sponsors and venues. MMX Freestyle differs from other motocross shows because we execute our tricks on pit bikes. MMX Freestyle can perform at arenas, MX schools and most other venues.

MMX Freestyle puts a special emphasis on childrens education. We pursue our dreams with every show and encourage others to follow their dreams as well. MMX Freestyle has a history of performing at MX schools across the Pacific Northwest. We love teaching children to grow in their skills and accomplish more in their sport.

When MMX Freestyle comes to your town, our extreme freestyle athletes will put on a show you will never forget. We customize our show to meet your venue and your audience. You wont be disappointed!

Riding Goals

Hey every one just wanted to give a update, we just finished our 8 show out of the 135 shows were doing this year things are going awesome, we just finished up A half time show at the warriors indoor arena football game, the crowd was going nuts. few breathing weeks then 3 shows a day for the next 3 months....