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Personal History

 Racing has always been apart of my family since day 1. I started out racing BMX at age 5 in Desoto, Texas shorty after we switched to racing cross country around Texas going through the ranks. Starting on 65's and progressing with age to 85's,125's,250's racing is everything to me. I strive to be the best person I can on and off the track. I continue to progress with my riding and training each day pushing the limits to be the best.

Riding Goals

 My riding goals are to progress with each day learning and training on and off the bike. I strive to be the best and push the limits with my skills and knowhow. Im learing more about bike setup and riding techniques to preform my best on race day. I want to on the sodium each race. Putting in the long hours at the gym and on the test track will put us above the rest.