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Personal History

Hi, my name is kyle bronski i am 14 years old and i ride a crf150r, but am getting a 250 in the next few weeks. i raced in the supermini class this year and i am going to ride 250c next year. i ride harescrambles but love to ride motocross also. i love to ride with my friends as much as i can to get better. Riding is a thing i love to do and plan to take it serious next year and am looking to get some sponsers for parts, etc. 

Riding Goals

For goals next year i would like to be able to get top 20 in the adult race next year over and top 3 in my class. i also just want to become a better rider overall and get myself in shape for the 2 hour race. All in all you can see that i dont have to many goals but just to become a better rider and do good in all my races.

Competitive Highlights

I have rode for around 3 years on a crf150r and this year just got started racing this year. i raced about 10 races in the supermini class. There were about 12 kids in my class sometimes less but usually around there. The first few races i just wanted to get a good feel but i ended up getting about 6th the first few races. i had always gone to the races and become friends with a lot of the kids. I knew who the fast kids were in my class and after the first few races tried to ride with them. i always would get around 3rd or 4th off the holeshot. But anyway after the first few races i began to get competative and tried to ride with fast kids. I noticed i began to get better and stick with them. There was one race probably the 5th when i got 1st off the start and rode it for about a lap. By about the 3rd lap i fell back to about third but was still confident. i rode at a steady pace but had lost another 2 places well i ended up catching 4th and made a pass and got third, that is one of the most happy and competitive moments. There was also 2 more races where i finished 4th and thought that was good. Anyway you can see that i am descent rider but love to take it competitively.