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Rider Updates

Feb 22 2015

Brutal ride in monroe today with some great friends, 

Feb 15 2015

GREAT DAY OF RIDING!!!.  Rode 50 miles in sunny weather in February!

Jan 11 2015

AWSOME day, railed 50 miles today with my buddies. 

Jan 10 2015

Had a great day taking kids riding today. Tomorrow is my day.  

Dec 20 2014

Rode my bike today for the 1st time. IT ROCKS!!!

Nov 21 2014

just picked up my 2015 KTM 250sx 

Nov 2 2014

Broke 2 ribs today at the beginning of the race, was still able to get 2nd.

Sep 28 2014

Had to work today:-( Couldn't race today.

Sep 1 2014

Tough week, My Best friend passed away Wednesday. Not only was he my best friend he was my fiersest competitor in my class. Better the battle more fun he had. RIP RON DURKIN #22  

Aug 25 2014

Great weekend! 2.5hr Hare Scramble at Yak Ranch. Got holeshot and led start to finish. 

Aug 17 2014

Raced down at Washougal MX Park, Had an ok day going until the last 45 min, where I spent it in a mud hole until I got winched out.  

Aug 2 2014

I've been battling a bad back and knee. I took my son down to race the WORCS race. He ended up 2nd in 85c class. 

Jul 21 2014

Had a great race going, battling back and forth for 1st. Finally settled down into second and was going to put a late charge in. 1 1/2 laps left and I broke a chain. First DNF :-(.   

Jun 29 2014

Great day at the Races, 1st place Senior A class 18th overall. Had good battles all day long!

Jun 22 2014

Tough day at the race, didn't feel good at all! I was still able to get 3rd in my class. 

Jun 7 2014

Had a fun weekend up in Packwood, Wa. at the Golden Spike Hare Scramble. Beautiful day! great new trails and a lot of the same stuff that makes it a great fun race. The top 5 guys in our class battled all day long, it was one of those races that puts a smile on your face while your racing. Even though I ended up 3rd it was great just to battle all day long.     

May 19 2014

Tuff weekend, Saturday we went to Riverdale MX park for my son to get lesson's from Landon Currier. It wasn't 1/2 hour into riding and my son stopped on a 100ft table top and a grown up smashed into the back of him. Hurt him pretty good. He learned a valuable lesson, never stop on the track. Sunday was our race, but when he got out bed there was no way he was racing. I raced and got 4th, but my mind was not on the race.           

May 11 2014

This weekend wrapped up the winter series. Had a great race and battle with a few guys in my class. the whole race we were battling back and forth. Fortunately I came out on top. I won the race and the series in Senior A class.   

Apr 12 2014

Raced Hare Scramble West Coast MC Winter Series Senior A class. Had a great battle going for the 1st three laps, then my buddy hit a tree, and DOWN GOES FRASIER! he never quite recovered which gave me an easy win in the class. The course was technical and slick, OLD SCHOOL.  

Aug 30 2013

  Last weekend raced harescramble. Entered the Sportsman class, do to still trying to ride my way into shape after surgery. First 3 laps were tough on me went from 2nd to 5th, then got into grove and did well to the finish making back to 4th and trying to pass for 3rd, but kept stalling bike. I purchased a rekluse Tuesday after the race!, no more stalling!. My son ended up 4th also in his class 8-12, he was battling back and forth for 3rd until the final lap where he got caught behind a lapper in the woods and loss time. 

  This weekend we are going down to a motocross track to practice for our next harescramble.

Aug 15 2013

My appologies for not staying in contact with everyone, I've been out since October with a major back injury that required surgery in December. I'm finally back. My first ride was a race, 3rd anual ISDE benefit harescramble. I signed up for the  senior amature class, knowing that I had not riden since October of 2012. It was a 2 hour race and I ended up first in Senior Amature. Felt good and glad to finally be back on my bike.


Kurt Oakland

PS : My son got 2nd in 9-12 class