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Personal History

Hey, everyone! My names kolby spires and I’m a 15 year old motocross rider.. I’ve only been riding for a year and a half  but have been dedicated to motocross for years! I’m a certified AMA member and will be racing in Loretta Lynn soon!! In my life.. I always think about motocross, I have the strive and will to proceed motocross!! I will always take a sponsorship and will always look forward to some tips to make me better! One thing about me is that I’m a very aggressive rider because in the past I used to play travel basketball and played in the circuit so I was a good player. So I’m always aggressive when it comes to this sport! 

Riding Goals

My riding goals! I have so many! Lemme demonstrate a couple of my riding goals. One I always want to become better at what I do and am always open for new tips and tricks! I would love to become a pro riding in the future! I have strive to become a great motocross rider in remembrance of my best friends dad he past away not to long ago and he was a national champ at Loretta lynns. He won titles upon titles. He was sponsored by Honda. So that reason makes me and my best friend work even harder!

Competitive Highlights

At this very moment I have no competitive highlights but in a couple of weeks or a month I will be in non stop races. I’m good enough to be in a race but I want to go in their and win the races I face!