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Rider Updates

Nov 19 2018

Just about healed up from my crash ready to ride. Cant wait for the 2019 season. New year and I'm ready to go for that championship this season.

Sep 10 2018

took a pretty good digger racing Friday night. severe concussion torn labrum, dislocated and fractured my shoulder. pretty bummed I had some big races coming up. hopefully I have a quick recovery and i can get back to training and racing again soon. thanks to all my sponsors that help me out you guys all rock and i plan on getting back and going as soon as possible

Sep 2 2018

awesome weekend! training had been going great I've got a race coming up this weekend and I couldn't be more stoked! been putting in 25 min motos all weekend and getting some racing experience this coming weekend to prep for the upcoming Utah state championship race! planning on running over 30 and 450 novice! Hoping for a good finish! I'm feeling comfortable and confident on the bike and feel like I'm ready.

Aug 17 2018

Ready to ride! I'm super pumped it's the weekend. Training day at Jordan river mx Saturday and Sunday! Just want to thank Answer racing for getting me set up with the 2019 elite gear. Going to be looking fresh. Love that feeling of new gear. Going to be ordering my new trinity kit soon. Matrix concepts for their awesome pit chairs and canopies to get that little bit of shade and relax in between motos.Ryno power keeping me hydrated and going strong in the heat. Flow vision goggles always keeping my vision clear! Also dunlop tires keeping me hooked up. Dubach racing for the new exhaust I got on the way. I cant wait to test that thing out. Rutted racing keeping me looking good off the track. if your tall and slimmer check them out they got shirts that actually fit us taller guys! Pro taper grips and levers with the flexx bars from faast company and tag metals drive parts putting that yz450 power to the tire. I love all my sponsors And really appreciate all the support! Fitness is on point and I'm feeling ready as ever to finish out this season and go for some wins to get in all the practice I can do I can accomplish that goal of my championship next year!

Aug 11 2018

Training today was awesome. it's nice to be back on the bike again had to take a few weeks off after getting a concussion. But felt awesome at track. Speed and fitness keeps improving and I'm feeling ready for the next few races I'm doing. Got 1 coming up next week for Friday night motocross at rocky mountain raceway then september 22nd is the Utah state mx challange at my favorite track bunker hill mx! Then it's the last round of the wild west series at my home track that I've been riding every weekend. Looking to get some good finishes and see where I stack up for next season. going to get back to training 3 times a week on the bike and keep hitting all the races I can! I really cant wait til next year to run some full series and try and come home with some championships! I want that over 30 b championship so bad. I'm so excited to be back in this sport and keep grinding every weekend to improve my technique speed and fitness. Headed back out in the morning for some more motos at jordan river mx!

Jul 22 2018

Just finished up an awesome weekend of racing! finished 3rd in every one of my races overall. pulled 2 awesome holeshots today and led for a bit til I made a mistake and blew over a berm. but just want to thank all my sponsors couldnt do it without you. so pumped on the weekend. first race back in years went awesome and came home with some trophies! cant wait to get out and do it again. My answer trinity gear and flow vision goggles had me looking so good! I can feel those wins coming soon. I had my starts dialed pulled both holeshots today in my 2 motos. 2nd moto was a mudder and I struggled a bit so definitely need to work on my mud riding!

Jul 16 2018

Birthday is coming up and turning 30! Going racing this weekend and finally feeling ready and confident on the new bike. First time running over 30 b. Friday night at rocky mountain raceway Then off to Ogden Utah for the wild west series! it's going to be a busy weekend. Thanks to all my new sponsors flow vision, ogio,factory backing,ryno power, matrix concepts, tag metals, answer, torc1, pinnacle suspension , 4 arm strong, gaerne, flo motorsports, acerbis USA, dubach racing, leatt, dunlop and mindfx. Already running some products and put in orders with some of you and love the products ive gotten and look forward to using all those products from these companies in the future! Thank you for the support!

Jul 14 2018

Got my matrix concepts order today after a fun day of putting in motos! came just in time now my bike is gonna look awesome sitting in the pits on my matrix concepts stand thanks a ton to matrix concepts more motos tomorrow getting ready to do some races next weekend at rocky mountain raceway Friday night then oca over the weekend. first race going over 30 b so hopeing for a good finish running with the other old guys. I'm excited to start doing some vet racing now that I'm turning the big dirty 30!