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Personal History

I'm just getting back to riding after a 7 year break. Basically I'm a moto fanatic. I love everything about this sport. I started riding when I was about 14 on a old yz85. Rode that around trails and fields out by my house til I finally was able to afford a KX 250. Started getting a little better and did my first race in price Utah. It was a worcs series race and it was snowing and been addicted to the sport since. Unfortunately my racing and riding was ended due to being young and dumb got addicted to drugs after getting hurt lost everything went through a dark patch in life fast forward 7 years later I'm back and riding better than ever clean and sober for 3 years picked up a 2018 yz450 and just been all about riding and getting back into racing its helped me so much in wanting to succeed in life and work hard. I'm a heavy equipment operator as well so get to play in the dirt all the time I love my job and the guys I work with. I love talking moto anything bikes,races,parts, setups. I'm a little obsessed and it feels great getting back after it and progressing getting faster every time I go out to train. I really enjoy the moto community and talking and meeting all the people at the track and races. I have made some of the best friends I could ever ask for due to this sport and the people and my passion i have for this sport just keep me going and the more I ride the harder i want to work to pay for racing and achieve my goals. I am determined and confident I can start winning races and win some championships. My family and my work are really cool and also supportive of me going out to ride and practice and getting back into racing which is awesome. I really am just loving life and having the best time I could ever ask for and I owe it all to dirt bikes. the passion and drive I've gotten from this sport is unbelievable. Everytime I get done spending time on the bike leaves me smiling everytime and I cant wait for the next ride or race! That moto life is something to work and live for that's for sure!

Riding Goals

My goals are to keep riding and practicing as much as possible! I started to late this year to follow a series and try to win a championship or 2 so I plan on doing as much races as possible to gain experience and get some gate drops and get some wins at least before the season ends. next season I plan on following the rmx series and wild west and getting some wins and winning the over 30 b championship also win the 450 novice class as well as vet open 30 +. I've got the speed and led laps so far this year so I am going in confident for next season that I can be a top contender in my classes. I would also like to do some occasional desert racing maybe some national hare and hounds.

Competitive Highlights

Won the beginner championship when I was younger. Had some good top 10 overall finishes and podium class finishes racing desert. 2nd place 450 novice at mountain west gp in my first race after moving up classes. finishing 3rd in open vet 30 + and 3rd in over 30 b class my first race in over 7 years. was leading 1 moto for a bit in over 30 b til I made a mistake. plenty more good finishes to come going to keep training and start winning some races. preparing for that championship next year.