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Personal History

I was born in Denver Colorado, my mother died when I was 10 DAYS old... after that, my dad made some bad choices and my brother and I ended up living with our grandparents when I was 4. My brother got me into motocross when I was 3. I won 3/5 races when I was 6. I got injured last year in a motocross accident (trying to jump to big of a tabletop) I fractures my leg, foot, and all the growth plates in my foot, tore all of my muscles and tendons in my leg and dislocated my knee. I am fine now and I have been practicing with my friends dad (former professional motocross racer, Shane Jackson, forgot his real first name) I got a new bike over the summer for $500 but it wouldn't run correctly so, we took apart the engine after checking all of the normal stuff, and we replaced the piston, got all new gaskets, rebuilt the top end and now its running just fine. I raced once last season, took 3rd (I was using my brothers 1991 rm250) and now I really want to get back on the track but I don't have any sponsors. I know that they don't matter that much at the beginning but, I thought they would help me get to the next level. Thank you.

Riding Goals

I want to be a professional motocross rider like Ryan Dungey or James Stewart. I need some sponsors to get to the next level though. I have been told that I am pretty good, I have not recorded any videos yet because it's all snowed in at the track up here and my track at my field is all ice. Once I can, I'll record some videos and take some pictures and post them. Thank you.